Jehiel Oliver
About Company
Founded in 2014, Hello Tractor is an award winning agtech social enterprise that focuses on connecting tractor owners and smallholder farmers across emerging markets through a farm equipment sharing application. We have over the years emerged as the leading provider of technology solutions designed for the tractor services market, capturing 75% of private commercial tractor inflows to Nigeria, expanding to a total of 10 markets across the continent as well as reaching well over 250,000 smallholder farmers. Hello Tractor’s solution begins with a low-cost hardware monitoring device that can be installed on any tractor, connecting it to the Hello Tractor cloud for remote data tracking and analytics. By expanding tractors’ serviceable geography, Hello Tractor enables owners to grow their business, providing employment opportunities for service providers and rural booking agents. By creating equitable access to tractor services, Hello Tractor enables smallholder farmers to earn more and grow more, improving livelihoods and food security for their families and communities.
Hello Tractor
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Agri-Tech and Digital Services
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