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Policy and Advocacy
Nigeria Transforming Agribusiness For Inclusive Recovery, Jobs Creation, And Poverty Reduction : Policy Reforms And Investment Priorities
NigeriaMghenyi, Elliot W., Dankers, Cora., Thurlow, James...

This report aims to improve understanding of the potential of the agribusiness sector (primary agriculture plus off-farm agribusiness) to accelerate inclusive recovery from the 2020 recession, create jobs, and reduce poverty. A key early finding of t...

Food Safety
Nigeria : Food Smart Country Diagnostic
NigeriaWorld Bank Group

This study of Nigeria food loss and waste (FLW) analyzes the potential policy impacts of reducing FLW along the value chain for three strategically selected commodities: maize, tomatoes, and catfish. The study takes into account the differences betwe...

Food Business
Food Systems In Africa : Rethinking The Role Of Markets
All CountriesBalineau, Gaelle., Bauer, Arthur., Kessler, Martin...

Food for cities in Africa is changing under the triple effect of growth demography, urbanization and transformations in agricultural production and trade. These changes create risks: African cities increasingly face the challenges of undernutrition a...

2022 - Linking Nutrition And Social Protection In Western Africa
All CountriesWFP

This brief presents existing evidence on the role of social protection to address food insecurity and malnutrition, and dives into key strategic opportunities for WFP to accelerate these impacts in Western Africa where there is a growing commitment f...

Food Safety
Food Safety In Africa : Past Endeavors And Future Directions
All CountriesWorld Bank Group

Current donor investment in food safety in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) largely reflects the concerns of previous decades and as a result is substantially focused on access to regional and overseas export markets, with emphasis on national control system...

Trade Facilitation and Agro-commodity Exchange
Ethiopia - Rural Income Diagnostics Study : Leveraging The Transformation In The Agri-Food System And Global Trade To Expand Rural Incomes
EthiopiaWorld Bank Group

Ethiopia began the decade on a great run, with high economic growth and significant gains in poverty reduction nationally. But the gains were unevenly shared. Multiple shocks at the beginning of the new decade threaten to discontinue progress and pos...

Climate Change
Enabling Private Investment In Climate Adaptation And Resilience : Current Status, Barriers To Investment And Blueprint For Action
All CountriesKerr, Lori., Neves, Philippe., Paladines, Cindy.,...

This report identifies ways to overcome key barriers to private sector investment in adaptation and resilience, laying out a coordinated and data-driven Blueprint for Action to help governments and their development partners to close the adaptation f...

Climate Change
The Trade And Climate Change Nexus : The Urgency And Opportunities For Developing Countries
All CountriesBrenton, Paul., Chemutai, Vicky

While trade exacerbates climate change, it is also a central part of the solution because it has the potential to enhance mitigation and adaptation. This timely report explores the different ways in which trade and climate change intersect. Trade con...

Climate Change
Thriving : Making Cities Green, Resilient, And Inclusive In A Changing Climate
All CountriesMukim, Megha (ed.)., Roberts, Mark (ed.)

Globally, 70 percent of greenhouse gas emissions emanate from cities. At the same time, cities are being hit increasingly by climate change related shocks and stresses, ranging from more frequent extreme weather events to inflows of climate migrants....

Research and Development
Genetic Analysis of Agronomic and Fall Armyworm-Resistance Traits in Maize Hybrids with Varying Levels of Resistance to Stem Borers
NigeriaAnthony Job, Innocent Iseghohi* , Ayodeji Abe, Muh...

Stem borer (SB) and more recently, fall armyworm (FAW) are serious economic pests in maize production in sub-Saharan Africa. It is hypothesized that SB-resistant germplasm may confer resistance against FAW. However, the performance of SB-resistant...

Climate Change
State Of The Climate In Africa 2021
All CountriesWorld Meteorological Organization (WMO)

The report on the State of the Climate in Africa 2021 is the result of collaboration between the African Union Commission (AUC), the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), and other specialized agencies of the United Nations. This multi-agency effo...

Food Safety
Disentangling Food Security From Subsistence Agriculture In Malawi
MalawiBenson, Todd

The book identifies crucial changes that could improve food security and, in the long term, facilitate agricultural transformation. Decades of research in Malawi are synthesized to propose policy solutions for the country’s persistent food insecurity...

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