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Agri-Food News and Media
WFP Cambodia - Market & Seasonal Monitoring Update - 2024
All CountriesWorld Food Programme

Market and Seasonal Monitoring Updates 2024

Agri-Food News and Media
Economic Impact of Using Fortified Rice in Cambodia’s School Feeding Programme
All CountriesWorld Food Programme

Results indicate that providing fortified rice in school meals is very highly cost effective in reducing zinc, folic acid, and vitamin A deficiencies, improving cognitive performance, and reducing iron-deficiency anaemia.

Agri-Food News and Media
Situation Report - Democratic Republic of Congo
Congo (DRC)World Food Programme

A Situation Report is a concise operational document with the latest updates on the World Food Programme's (WFP) response to an emergency. It gives an overview of WFP’s activities and informs the wider humanitarian community and other interested stak...

Climate Change
Large ocean states partnering towards a resilient future
All CountriesWorld Food Programme

Pacific Small Island Developing States (SIDS) contribute minimally to global greenhouse gas emissions (0.03 percent) yet disproportionately suffer from climate change impacts.

Agri-Food News and Media
WFP Global Operational Response Plan: Update #10 – February 2024
All CountriesWorld Food Programme

This report provides an analysis of food security and evolving needs and an update on WFP’s response and priorities. The convergence of multiple crises – conflict, extreme climate patterns and economic shocks – is driving hunger, eroding livelihoods...

Agri-Food News and Media
Africa Adaptation Acceleration Program - Issue 2
All CountriesAfrican Development Bank Group

Eight dynamic African women-led businesses won the 2023 YouthAdapt challenge, each receiving grant funding of up to $100,000 and comprehensive mentorship through a 12-month accelerator program.

Research and Development
World Food and Agriculture – Statistical Yearbook 2023
All CountriesFAO

This publication offers a synthesis of the major factors at play in the global food and agricultural landscape. Statistics are presented in four thematic chapters, covering the economic importance of agricultural activities, inputs, outputs and facto...

Agrodealer and Inputs
The Impacts of WFP’s Integrated Climate Risk Management Approach on Farmers’ Resilience to Climate Change

Learn how WFP’s R4 Rural Resilience Initiative helps farmers manage climate and disaster risks based on evidence gathered from five countries that implement an integrated climate risk management approach.

Climate Change
Climate Finance Matters
All CountriesAfrican Development Bank

For sustainable economic development and climate resilience in Africa, external climate finance is key to fast-tracking implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

WFP Technical Specifications for the manufacture of Fortified Whole Maize Meal – Eastern Africa Community (EAC)
RwandaFortfied-Whole Grain-Alliance

This specification applies to Fortified Whole Maize Meal product prepared from the Whole grain of common Maize (Zea Mays L.), Vitamins, Minerals and distributed by WFP in EAC countries. It does not apply to other products derived from Maize grains.

All CountriesFortfied-Whole Grain-Alliance

The main purpose of these guidelines is to assist countries in the design and implementation of appropriate food fortification programmes. Drawing on several recent high-quality publications on the subject and on programme experience, information on...

All CountriesFortfied-Whole Grain-Alliance

Shifting a substantial portion of global grain consumption to whole grains is potentially one of the most significant and achievable improvements to diets and food systems worldwide. In countries with significant micronutrient deficiencies, a switch...

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