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Agri-Food News and Media
Agro-Industrial Pole Project in the North (2PAI-NORD)

The Agro-Industrial Pole Project in the North is in line with National Development Plan aimed at accelerating the structural transformation of the economy for a strong, inclusive, sustainable, and job-creating growth, especially for women and young p...

Agri-Food News and Media
Namibia - Namibia Agricultural Mechanization And Seed Improvement Project (GRN)
Feasibility Studies SAPZ EOI - Consulting Services

The Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security (MAIFS) has received financing from the African Development Bank toward the cost of the Feasibility Studies for the Mauritius Special Agro-Industrial Processing Zone Project

Agri-Food News and Media
Tanzania Agro-Industrial Development Program

The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania through her midterm development agenda, the Five Year Development Plan III (2021/2022- 2025/26) has strategized for a significant increase in agro-processing output.

Integrated Agro Industrial Park Development Project
Agri-Food News and Media
Bokamoso Bo Rona Agri-industrial Park
Agri-Food News and Media
Feasibility Studies - Special Agro Industrial Processing Zone Project
Food Safety
Impact Of Covid 19 On Food Security In The Louga GAFSP

The Food Security Support Project in the Louga, Matam and Kaffrine Regions (PASA/LMK), which started in 2014, has achieved appreciable results in economic, environmental and social terms at its various intervention sites thanks to the hydro-agricultu...

Agri-Tech and Digital Services
Identification Of Priority Technical Assistance Needs For Improving Agricultural Statistics In Africa countries
All CountriesAFDB

Technical Assistance (TA) has proved to be one of the main contributory elements that improves the state of agricultural statistics in Africa. It has enabled National Agricultural Statistics Systems (NASS) to achieve skills in the production chain of...

On-Farm Production (crops, livestock)
Rehabilitation And Stabilization Of Irrigation Infrastructures For Integrated Rice And Fish Cultivation In Lowland Areas

The Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Agriculture has received grant from the Global Agriculture Food Security Program (GAFSP) of the World Bank Group and the African Development Fund (ADF) of the African Development Bank (AfDB) for Agric...

PPM - Lybia - Strengthening The Regulatory, Legislative And Strategic Water Framework
Gender and Climate Information Services: Targeting Women
All CountriesAFDB

Gender differences in the needs, access, and use of climate information services can affect long-term climate action and resilience. Women experience disproportionate impacts due to the underlying socio-economic and political barriers that limit thei...

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