Lulu Haangala-wood
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The Wood Kitchen is a family endeavour consisting of Lulu and William Wood. It focuses on sharing easy fusion recipes, tips and tricks of cooking for a fun culinary adventure. Understanding the power that good food has to bring people together, they have used their platforms as a way of celebrating Zambia’s delicious foods and supporting SMEs in the Zambian culinary industry since inception during the pandemic. In 2020, the Wood Kitchen was recognized by META for being SME change makers in the way that they harness digital media for their business. They were selected as African food influencers for the Every Plate Counts challenge by UNEP, WWF, FAO, and the Future Food Institute in 2022. They represented Zambia at The Plant Powered Show which is South Africa’s premier plant-based food, drink and conscious living in 2023 with the Taste of Zambia Masterclasses.
Wood Kitchen Zambia Ltd
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