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Forthspring farms is an agro business enterprise, we are into fish farming business with an extension into processing and preservation of catfish into ready to eat smoked packaged fish. Our business is into production and managing of catfish, these farming activities involves production of fries into fingerlings and juveniles. Forthspring has immensely developed its business model by focusing its attention mainly in processing its farm produce into packaged smoked catfish. Our major products are packaged smoked catfish and what makes it unique is that, it is spiced with curry powder and a blend of garlic/ginger which gives it a wonderful aroma, a good taste and an appealing look. The two varieties of our products are outstanding and very different from others because we maintain a high standard in processing and keeping our products hygienic, to maintain a good nutritive value in everyday diet, also is its irresistible aroma and good taste. Another reason that makes our products stand out was a longer shelf life, with the adopted air and heat transfer technology in processing and preserving our fish. It makes every of the product to have a longer shelf life and good value for money without losing its original taste and aroma. Forthspring established its business model on an improved workable plan and projections with a wider target audience that cuts across all age and social demography, regardless of people’s age, gender, social class, educational background, household earning and geographical location, this means our products is widely acceptable, cheap and affordable. We targeted individuals, groups, supermarkets, malls, restaurants, hotels and corporate establishments through an efficient and effective distribution network or supply chain.
Catfish processing, Parkaged Smoked catfish
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