Salihu Nuhu Iregha
About Company
The company is about 4 years which has been incorporated. The idea for this business emanated from the high demand of fish in Auchi community , supply of the product was mainly from other neighbouring community . The growing population is a major opportunity to sale our product (catfish) because more people are coming ranging from students of Auchi polytechnic in our community to business men and women, investors and people from all part of the country, aside the above, Auchi is the fastest growing city in Edo State and Nigeria. Our future plan is to: (1) To increase productivity and efficiency. (2)To successfully meet the challenges and demands of the domestic market. (3)To establish long-term planning for the benefit of the consumers and make more profit. (4) If given the grant, I will expand my business to best standard with State of art equipments. 1. Vision Statement: To be one among the largest fish producers in Nigeria and Africa by 2025 2. Mission Statement: To reduce inflow of foreign fish thereby making Nigeria dependent on local fish.
Fish , poultry
Yu Tatiana Enterprise
Focus Area
On-Farm Production (crops, livestock)
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