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EADC is an agri-biz social enterprise registered in June 2016 with head offices in Soroti-Uganda. EADC’s core business is processing & trading of super-rich bio-fortified foods (Vit A orange fleshed sweet potatoes (OFSP) & High Iron& Zinc rich beans (HIB) ) with a social & development aim of increasing farmers incomes & solving Uganda’s malnutritional deficiencies of Vit A, Iron & Zinc. We work with exporters of both local & orange fleshed sweet potatoes (OFSP) and beans. The OFSP flour & a fraction of the beans are sold locally. EADC has a network of 3,000 farmers from Teso, Karamoja & Bugisu regions who feed into our production supply chain. The Small holder farmers are provided with clean seed & we buy back the produce at market value. EADC has a functional board comprised of 7 Board Directors that jointly oversees the company activities. EADC also offers ICT extension services & is digitising its supply chain. We are gradually evolving from cash to cashless payments. We have Integrated the mastercard farmers network (MFN)-ICT payment based solution in our activities. The MFN-ICT platform enables us maintain a farmers’ digital database and digitally pay farmers among others. Todate we have 3017 farmers registered on the platform.
Orange fleshed sweet potatoes, Iron rich beans, Food processing, ICT technology
Eastern Agricultural Development Company Ltd(EADC)
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