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September Edition 2023 Optimizing Agribusiness Talent: Strategic Approaches to Mitigate the Brain Drain in the Agric Sector
August Edition 2023 Agri-Business Connect and Strategy Adaptation in Africa
Mars 2023 Développez votre agro-entreprise : Élargir votre base de financement pour passer à l'échelle supérieure
March (2023) Grow Your Agribusiness: Expanding Your Funding Base for Scale
February (2023) Agribusiness Entrepreneurs Surviving & Thriving in 2023
April Edition, 2022 Managing risks and building resilience in agribusiness
March Edition, 2022 Converting customers into your biggest sales agent
November Edition, 2021 Scaling SME's through Agribusiness Networks
June Edition (2021) Innovating for local, Low income consumer markets
May Edition (2021) Debt or Equity Financing?
April Edition (2021) Advancing Nutrition and Health in Africa
February Edition (2021) Setting Up Your Agribusiness The Right Way