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Agricultural Climate Change Impacts on Moroccan Agriculture and the Whole Economy Including an Analysis of the Impacts of the “Plan Maroc Vert (PMV)” in Morocco

Climate change is one of the major risks facing developing countries in Africa for which agriculture is a predominant part in the economy. Alterations in rainfall patterns and increasing temperatures will most likely translate into yield reductions in many crops (Gommes et al. 2009). The early literature of economic impact assessment of climate change has provided some useful insights on the issue, but remained limited in scope and depth as it focused on highly aggregated units of analysis (e.g. at the continental or sub-continental levels) and relying on average trends, rather than capturing the underlying uncertainty characterizing the distribution of projected impacts. Policymakers in some countries feel the need to act upon the challenges of climate change, especially given that there is increased availability of climate projections at finer geographical scales that helps refine the analyses, and improve our ability to capture the intricate linkages that exist between climate change and the economy.