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Law nº 2000/017 Regulating Veterinary Health Inspection.

This law establishes the attributions and the operating methods of the Veterinary Health Inspectorate in Cameroon. Indeed, the sanitary inspection is all the measures taken, with regard to animals, products of animal or fishery origin and their derivatives, both inside and outside the national territory. '' at borders (import and export) to ensure that a commodity is fit for consumption. During the sanitary inspection of the products, it will be carried out: their hygienic control with a view to their consumption, their putting in a market state or their transformation; hygienic control of their conditions of conservation, storage, distribution, transport, or processing; The Veterinary Health Inspectorate also ensures the protection of consumers and operators of establishments against zoonoses, poisoning, and all infections of animal origin, in accordance with the texts governing public health. It also contributes to the protection of the environment. No food of animal or fishery origin may be delivered for consumption if it has not previously undergone a veterinary health inspection, which will be carried out by a sworn and qualified person in charge of the veterinary services and which gives rise to the establishment of a health certificate or a health pass. Article 11 establishes the list of zoonoses, infections, poisonings, and serious infections, in the presence of which any animal suffering from zoonosis or suspected of