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Shining A Brighter Light: Comprehensive Evidence On Adoption And Diffusion Of CGIAR-Related Innovations In Ethiopia

SPIA has developed a comprehensive, country-level approach to documenting the adoption and diffusion of agricultural innovations linked to CGIAR research. The first focal country for this approach is Ethiopia, where SPIA has been working since 2015. The approach involves three stages: Understanding the full range of recent CGIAR activities in the country by engaging with CGIAR researchers, science leaders and national stakeholders. In Ethiopia, this led to detailed documentation on 52 different CGIAR-related innovations from the past two decades related to the work of 10 CGIAR Centers and their partners, including the Ethiopian Institute for Agricultural Research (EIAR). Prioritizing among these candidate innovations and identifying those that can be observed in survey data or be subjected to new data collection approaches such as DNA fingerprinting or remote sensing. Methodological experiments and pilot tests of data collection approaches were used in Ethiopia to select the best data collection approach for each innovation.