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Africa Agriculture Status Report 2018: Catalysing Government Capacity to Drive Agricultural Transformation

This book was launched during the African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF), which took place from September 5th _ 8th in Kigali, Rwanda. The report aims to shed light on what governments could do and to highlight that strengthening government capacity is critical to implementing agricultural transformation. The report clarifies that implementing agricultural transformation would occur in many places, not only across different ministries and government agencies, but also at many points within the private sector. The report addresses how to strengthen government capacity to implement agricultural projects at each of these points. It emphasizes mutual accountability, recognizing that holding all stakeholders including governments accountable to the progress of implementation and delivery is central to agriculture sector performance. This report looks into ways of translating visions into reality; how political leaders can buy-in to what they are trying achieve; how to plan and align resources; and how to manage the various obstacles, distractions and challenges that derail laid out plans. It also looks at how one can create the right conditions and set out a clear and coherent policy framework, which enables the private sector, supports smallholder farmers, and builds a coalition with civil society and development partners. The report serves as a handbook for Governments and their supporting partners to help them transform agriculture, and economic transformation more broadly, in Africa.