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BYTE BY BYTE: Policy Innovation for Transforming Africa’s Food System with Digital Technologies - Rwanda Case Study 2019

The use of digital technologies in Rwanda’s agriculture sector is advancing rapidly. Yet, despite visible developments in the ICT sector, Rwanda scored just 3.8 out of 9 in the 2017 World Bank’s EBA ICT Index. While this indicates some progress, there is still room for improvement with respect to regulation and policies that enable a digital environment for the agriculture sector. According to the GSMA 2017 Mobile Connectivity Index (MCI), Rwanda’s overall performance regarding key characteristics for mobile internet adoption increased by 27 percent since 2014, with a score of 41.7 in 2017. However, Rwanda still ranks below the African average, mainly due to low network performance and accessibility of mobile apps in the local language. Yet, the country performs particularly well in providing network coverage—with a striking 93 percent of the population having access to 3G networks—affordable handset prices and gender equality in terms of the labor market and gender.