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Value Chain Analysis of Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) in Humera District, Tigray, Ethiopia

Sesame is an important cash crop and plays a vital role in the livelihood of many people in Ethiopia. However, a number of challenges hamper the development of the sesame sector along with the value chain. Therefore, this study aims at analyzing the value chain of sesame in Humera district, Tigray region, Ethiopia. The results showed that farmers and processors receive the highest profit share as well as marketing margin in the sesame value chain in the study area. The econometric model results showed that; farmland size, family members within the age group between 16 and 69, sesame yield, use of the improved seed, distance from market, and average selling price are significantly affecting factors of sesame supply. Thus, the government and concerned stakeholders need to give attention to yield increasing technologies in the study area to boost productivity, and thereby increase the market supply of sesame.