Oct 15th 2020
Mixed Food Receipe

African Breadfruit: Versatile, Nutritious and Delicious

African Breadfruit is a traditional fruit that comes from the ‘Treculia Africana’ tree, indigenous to Central and West Africa. The fruit is harvested during the flowering period of the tree which typically takes place from October to February. Easily accessible in countries such as Tanzania, Zambia, Nigeria, and Uganda, Ukwa as its commonly known in Nigeria, is extremely versatile as the seeds can be ground to flour, pressed for oil, or used as flavouring in alcoholic drinks. They can also be dry-roasted and eaten as a snack. The flesh of the breadfruit has a sweet fragrance and taste and therefore cooked and served plainly (without salt).



This fruit can be prepared in many other ways; it can be roasted, baked, fried and even boiled before consumption and is commonly eaten as mashed porridge. In addition, Jollof Ukwa is frequently eaten by the Igbo people in South-East Nigeria. However, the seeds in particular are the most utilized part of the fruit and are used in multiple dishes because of its high nutritional value. African Breadfruit contains high amounts of protein and Vitamin C, aids digestion, contains antioxidants, is a healthy energy source and suitable for diabetics.


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