Oct 15th 2020
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Rolex: Uganda’s Favourite Street Food

A Rolex, not to be mistaken with the watch, is popular street food in Uganda that has become a household stable for school lunches and quick office snacks. Made up of an omelette and vegetables wrapped in chapati, this easy-to-make and quick to prepare a meal can be eaten as lunch, dinner or just as a snack. The name ‘Rolex’ is derived from its visual appearance – it is a ‘rolled omelette’ with a chapati exterior. The chapati used to hold the ingredients is made locally by vendors and can easily be made at home. The chapati itself is low in calories and the eggs contain high amounts of Vitamin A, Vitamin Bs and some Vitamin D, E and K, making the Rolex a healthy and nutritious meal.

Rolex originated from the Busonga region in Uganda where it was quickly adopted by university students who needed a meal that was quick and easy to make, as well as cheap to buy. Today, it is sold from street markets to restaurants and is one of Uganda’s favourites.


Image Credit: Foodiegraphy Kenya




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