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Experience the impact of a thriving community of entrepreneurs.

The African Food Changemakers Hub is a membership and knowledge portal that is supporting African agriculture and food entrepreneurs to scale their businesses through the provision of critical resources, tools and opportunities including funding, capacity building, data, networking events, e-learning, local and global recognition, mentoring.

African Food Changemakers supports entrepreneurs and their businesses across all aspects of the agriculture value chain from farm to fork, ensuring a wholistic approach to breaking silos and scaling agribusinesses in Africa.

We believe that with adequate support, small and medium agri-food businesses will drive the growth of a flourishing, sustainable, and just food ecosystem, which leverages agtech and digital innovations to ensure that the Continent nourishes itself and becomes a net exporter of food.


Our members are young, dynamic entrepreneurs who have established agri-food businesses anywhere on the African continent and are committed to leveraging innovation and technology and transforming Africa’s agricultural landscape. Join the hub today and gain exclusive access to resources to help you scale your business.


Experience the power of networking and peer learning. Connect with other entrepreneurs across the continent. Build shared experiences and co-create solutions.

Increase Your Visibility

Increase your brand visibility. Gain access to local and global networking events and leverage a variety of opportunities including articles, videos and events to tell your story to a global audience.

Build Your Capacity

Leverage tools and resources on the African Food Changemakers hub to strengthen you and your team’s capacity. Access podcasts, data and online courses, connect and ask questions from industry experts, attend training programs specifically tailored for agri-food businesses in Africa.


Tap into a community that supports the growth of your business. Gain access to new funding opportunities, find new customers, suppliers and partners, receive coaching and mentoring from leading industry experts and lots more!

Eligibility to Join

You are eligible to join the African Food Changemakers hub if you:

  • 1. Own or operate an agri-food business in Africa
  • 2. Have operated for at least 6 months prior to applying
  • 3. Have registered your business as a legal entity
  • 4. Have active website and/or social media pages showcasing your products and/or services