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Scaling Export Program Empowers Hundreds of African Businesses to Conquer International Markets

The African food landscape is witnessing a revolution driven by hundreds of passionate agri-entrepreneurs. At the heart of this transformation is the Scaling Export Program (SEP), an initiative of African Food Changemakers engaging an annual cohort of agri-food SMEs to build their capacity to export healthy, nutritious agri-food products to intra-African and international markets through training, market exposure, trade linkages, and ongoing business support.


This innovative program targets agri-food SMEs (Small and medium enterprises) focused on healthy and nutritious products. Through a rigorous selection process, With a criterion emphasising at least two years of operation, proof of local demand, and products tailored for international appeal, the SEP program received over 800 applications. It meticulously selected 635 participants from 25 African countries, with 25% being women-led businesses for the first cohort of the program.

The theme for the SEP program, "Strategies and Best Practices for Preparing African Agribusinesses for Export Success," went beyond theory. It equipped participants with the tools they needed to thrive. Through a series of engaging six-week e-learning modules, participants honed their skills in export procedures, international market navigation, and negotiation techniques.


The Scaling Export Program did not stop at training; participants were linked with key market organisations and events, which served as product visibility and sales platforms. Afrexim Bank, Good Market, Catalyst Market, and the Intra-Africa Trade Fair (IATF) became stages for these entrepreneurs to showcase their goods.

The program succeeded in empowering African agribusinesses, enabling them to thrive in the export market and ultimately create more job opportunities for youth and women in the agri-food industry, providing tremendous opportunities to increase the competitiveness of the African food entrepreneurs in the domestic markets, enabling diversification through value addition, and improve the participation of agriSMEs in regional and continental trade through the AfCFTA.


The program culminated on the 29th of February 2024 with a graduation ceremony, marking the successful completion of the program for 279 participants. These graduates are no longer just agri-food entrepreneurs; they are pioneers, paving the way for a future where African food products nourish the world.


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