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Extension Services
Success in Agriculture
KenyaJames Mwangi Ndiritu

Agribusiness will drive the next food security in Africa and this can only be achieved by transformed food systems especially diversification with Horticulture. A favorable climate throughout the year increases pests and therefore, best practices of...

Extension Services
Geography of Public Service Delivery in Rural Ethiopia
EthiopiaGashaw T. Abate, Mekdim Dereje, Kalle Hirvonen, an...

Remote areas are often characterized by lower welfare outcomes due to economic disadvantages and higher transaction costs for trade. But their worse situation may also be linked to worse public service delivery. Relying on large household surveys in...

Extension Services
Information Technologies as a Tool for Agricultural Extension and Farmer to Farmer Exchange: Mobile-phone Video Use in Mali and Burkina Faso
Burkina FasoSousa, F., Nicolay, G. and Home, R.

Mobile phones are widespread in the rural areas of Mali and Burkina Faso, but their potential as a tool for knowledge transfer by extension services in the region remains largely unexplored. The aim of this contribution is to evaluate the potentia...

Extension Services
The Narrative on Rural Youth and Economic Opportunities in Africa: Facts, Myths, and Gaps

A narrative on rural youth in Africa has continued to evolve in policy circles around the world. Much of it is driven by population statistics that point to an imminent youth bulge in Africa and concerns about economic stagnation for the continent...

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