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Research and Development
Farming Systems Analysis In Support Of User-Centred Research And Innovation

Farming Systems Analysis (FSA) is commonly used in CGIAR to assess ‘what works where, and for who?’. The findings are used to prioritize tailored/context-specific interventions and target investments for greater impact. An assessment of seven new CGI...

Research and Development
Kenya's Agrifood System: Structure And Drivers Of Transformation
KenyaXinshen Diao, Karl Pauw, Jenny Smart and James Thu...

This analysis is composed of two parts. The evolving structure of Kenya’s agrifood system (AFS) and its contribution to national development is assessed using a series of Social Accounting Matrixes (SAMs) for Kenya for the period 2009–2019. Economic...

Research and Development
Challenges And Opportunities For Growth In The Sunflower Oilseed Sector In Tanzania – Options For Fiscal And Non-Fiscal Reforms

The sunflower value chain is capable of significantly contributing to the economic development of Tanzania by increasing the income of smallholder farmers, creating employment opportunities for the youth, and reducing the edible oil import bill.

Research and Development
Summary: Trading Up: Policy Innovations To Expand Food And Agricultural Trade In Africa
All CountriesMalabo Montpellier Panel

This report Trading Up: Policy innovations to expand food and agricultural trade in Africa provides options for sustainably, yet rapidly, increasing intraregional agricultural trade in Africa, drawing on the experience of COMESA, ECOWAS and SADC in t...

Research and Development
Leveraging Livestock Sector Innovations For A Resilient And Sustainable Food System In Africa
All CountriesKatrin Glatzel

Animal husbandry plays a significant role in Africa’s food systems, supporting the livelihoods of an estimated 268 million people in 36 African countries and making an important contribution to food security and nutrition. However, to meet the increa...

Research and Development
Effectiveness Of Fertiliser Policy Reforms To Enhance Food Security In Kenya : A Macro-Microsimulation Analysis
KenyaBoulanger, Pierre., Dudu, Hasan., Ferrari, Emanuel...

Food security represents a key challenge in most Sub-Saharan African countries and in Kenya in particular where still a relevant share of the population lives below a minimum dietary energy consumption. Kenya addresses this concern with a noteworthy...

Research and Development
Transforming Food Systems In Kenya For A New Era Of Growth And Prosperity: Research-Based Recommendations For The New Government
KenyaClemens Breisinger, Joseph Karugia, Michael Keenan...

The new Kenyan government faces a complex domestic and global environment, and it is widely expected to address key food and agricultural challenges with a new set of policies and programs. This policy brief presents key recommendations from a forthc...

Research and Development
Global Assessment Of Soil Pollution: Report
All CountriesFAO, UNEP

Soil pollution is invisible to the human eye, but it compromises the quality of the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe and puts human and environmental health at risk. Most contaminants originate from human activities such as ind...

Research and Development
Last Mile Distribution Capital Continuum: Trends, Gaps And Opportunities
All CountriesGlobal Distributors Collective

.This research maps 50 funders actively investing in last mile distributors (LMDs) across different stages of company growth - pre-seed, seed, early growth and accelerated growth - to identify gaps and opportunities.

Research and Development
Selling Productive Use Of Energy Products To Last Mile Consumers: Lessons Learned
All CountriesGlobal Distributors Collective

This research features first-hand insights and lessons learned from 13 last mile distributors (LMDs) that have experience of testing or selling productive use of energy (PUE) products. These kinds of products from solar pumps and mills, to fridges an...

Research and Development
Genetic Analysis of Agronomic and Fall Armyworm-Resistance Traits in Maize Hybrids with Varying Levels of Resistance to Stem Borers
NigeriaAnthony Job, Innocent Iseghohi* , Ayodeji Abe, Muh...

Stem borer (SB) and more recently, fall armyworm (FAW) are serious economic pests in maize production in sub-Saharan Africa. It is hypothesized that SB-resistant germplasm may confer resistance against FAW. However, the performance of SB-resistant...

Research and Development
Effect Of Combining Organic Manure And Inorganic Fertilisers On Maize–Bush Bean Intercropping
MalawiGift Ndengu., Powell Mponela., Barthlomew Chataika...

In sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), farmers intercrop common beans with maize but apply inorganic or organic fertilisers targeting only maize. Effects of this practice on bush bean yield have not been fully evaluated with respect to input use and compatibil...

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