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Research and Development
2022 Africa Agribusiness Outlook
All CountriesAGRA, KPMG, PIATA, BMGF, USAID and Rockefeller Fou...

This report builds on the inaugural 2020 Africa Agribusiness Outlook and presents the results of our conversations across the ecosystem. We increased the number of key countries for our one-on-one interviews and improved the online survey to cover ne...

Research and Development
South Africa's Agricultural Sector Growth Conditions
South AfricaWandile Sihlobo

There has been a flurry of positive news about the past year's performance of South Africa's agricultural sector. There have also been questions about whether the sector could remain on a positive growth path in 2022 given the excessive rains at the...

Research and Development
Crop Prospects And Food Situation Quarterly Global Report No.2, July 2022
All CountriesFAO, Reliefweb

In this situation report, FAO assesses that globally 46 countries, including 33 in Africa, 10 in Asia, two in Latin America and the Caribbean, and one in Europe, are in need of external assistance for food. Serious concerns also relate to East Africa...

Research and Development
2022 Global Report On Food Crises
All CountriesGlobal Network Against Food Crises

The Global Food Report on Food Crises 2022

Research and Development
CGIAR 2030 Research and Innovation Strategy: Transforming food, land, and water systems in a climate crisis
CGIAR System Organization

Food unites the world, and powers us forward. Today a powerful and unified global effort is needed to equip food systems to advance human and planetary health to their full potential. The climate crisis is at the forefront of threats to our ability t...

Research and Development
What can we Really Learn from Sex-Disaggregated data?

During the past several years, we have been working intently on a field experiment with smallholder farmers in Uganda randomly assigned to get access to information in the form of short engaging videos. Because women and men are both involved in farm...

Research and Development
Can Information Drive Demand for Safer Food? Impact of Brand-Specific Recommendations and Test Results on Product Choice
All CountriesSarah Wairimu Kariuki, Vivian Hoffmann

As an unobservable attribute, food safety is likely to be under-provided by markets where regulatory enforcement is weak. In such settings, stimulating consumer demand for safer food can potentially encourage market actors to invest in food safety.

Research and Development
Eco-Inclusive Enterprises Driving Green Recovery Pathways
All CountriesSEED

When the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world in 2020, global economic activities have been severely battered, progress towards achieving the SDGs has been threatened, and global efforts are now centred on moving towards medium and long-term sustainable...

Research and Development
Africa Agriculture Status Report: A Decade of Action - Building Sustainable and Resilient Food Systems in Africa
All CountriesAGRA

Global food systems are in disarray and impose increasing pressure on our planetary habitat. In this next decade of action for sustainable development, we need to think about food systems differently – taking into account the true values and full cos...

Research and Development
Getting Started with Impact
All CountriesInclusive Business Action Network

Impact investors are looking for financially viable businesses that will deliver social and/or environmental benefits as part of their business model. It is therefore vital that you understand your business impact and can convey your impact story cle...

Research and Development
Food Value Chain Transformation in Developing Regions

In this chapter, for brevity, we focus on the output value chains, but the conceptual framework and most trends are also relevant to the input value chains, the lateral service value chains, and R&D&E suppliers. Output value chains in developing coun...

Research and Development
Characterization of Cassava ORANGE Proteins and Their Capability to Increase Pro-Vitamin A Carotenoids Accumulation

Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) biofortification with provitamin A carotenoids is an ongoing process that aims to alleviate vitamin A deficiency. The moderate content of provitamin A carotenoids achieved so far limits the contribution to providing...

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