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Agri-Food News and Media
Economic Impact of Using Fortified Rice in Cambodia’s School Feeding Programme
All CountriesWorld Food Programme

Results indicate that providing fortified rice in school meals is very highly cost effective in reducing zinc, folic acid, and vitamin A deficiencies, improving cognitive performance, and reducing iron-deficiency anaemia.

Agri-Food News and Media
Silicon On Rice Seed Yield And Quality
All CountriesViera et al

The study aimed to evaluate the yield components and physiological quality of rice seeds produced, obtained from coated seeds with rice rusk ash and kaolin®.

Research and Development
Can Information Drive Demand for Safer Food? Impact of Brand-Specific Recommendations and Test Results on Product Choice
All CountriesSarah Wairimu Kariuki, Vivian Hoffmann

As an unobservable attribute, food safety is likely to be under-provided by markets where regulatory enforcement is weak. In such settings, stimulating consumer demand for safer food can potentially encourage market actors to invest in food safety.

Research and Development
Africa Agriculture Status Report: A Decade of Action - Building Sustainable and Resilient Food Systems in Africa
All CountriesAGRA

Global food systems are in disarray and impose increasing pressure on our planetary habitat. In this next decade of action for sustainable development, we need to think about food systems differently – taking into account the true values and full cos...

Research and Development
The Impact of Adoption of Artificial Pollination Technology in Cocoa Production: Evidence from Ghana

This study analyzed the impact of adoption of artificial pollination on productivity, income, poverty and food security among cocoa farmers in Ghana. Primary data was collected from 206 cocoa farmers drawn through a multi-stage sampling technique and...

Research and Development
2021 Annual Trends and Outlook Report: Building Resilient African Food Systems after COVID-19

The 2021 Annual Trends and Outlook Report (ATOR) focuses on building resilient African food systems after COVID-19. It examines emerging data on the impacts of COVID-19 on African economies and food systems, reviews the responses of African countries...

Research and Development
Contract Farming, Contract Design and Smallholder Livelihoods

Contract farming has gained in importance in many developing countries. Previous studies analysed effects of contracts on smallholder farmers’ welfare, yet mostly without considering that different types of contractual relationships exist. Here, we e...

Research and Development
Transforming Food, Land, and Water Systems in a Climate Crisis
All CountriesCGIAR

This 2030 Research and Innovation Strategy situates CGIAR in the evolving global context that demands a systems transformation approach for food, land, and water systems. It builds on our track record of collaborating with partners to deliver impacts...

Agribusiness SMEs
Guide to Rice Production in Northern Nigeria
NigeriaN. Kamai, L.O. Omoigui, A.Y. Kamara, F. Ekeleme

This handbook is intended to guide farmers, extension personnel, students of agriculture and researchers in Nigeria to use improved varieties and complementary production practices to increase productivity. The guide draws its lessons from the wo...

On-Farm Production (crops, livestock)
RIFAN To Register 150000 Niger Rice Farmers, Cultivate 200000
NigeriaAideloje Ojo

The article explores the registration of around 150 000 rice farmers in Niger State to cultivate land that was approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN). The initiative is to also work in reducing unemployment in the youth. At the same time co...

Research and Development
Rapid Assessments of the Impact of COVID-19 on the Availability of Quality Seed to Farmers
NigeriaSahel Consulting

Over the first half of 2020, COVID-19 has expanded across the globe, officially declared a pandemic on March 11th. We are deeply concerned about the impact of the pandemic on people’s lives and livelihoods, and on its disruption to the economy and so...

Research and Development
Agricultural Sector Alerts: Methodology For Rapid Assessments
All CountriesWageningen Centre for Development Innovation

Rapid Assessments are conducted at the country level through survey and focus group discussions (FGDs). In its approach the Rapid Assessments are inspired by the sector model developed by AidEnvironment1, as adapted by the Wageningen Centre for Devel...

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