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Agri-Food News and Media
A promising perspective for the management of African inland fisheries: the balanced harvesting approach
All CountriesAfrican Development Bank Group

The potential of African inland fisheries is largely underestimated. However, fully harnessing its potential is essential to meeting the continent’s growing demand for high-nutritional-value food.

Agri-Food News and Media
Sustainable Aquaculture Development In Sun-Saharan Africa

Aquaculture must grow above the current rate of 11% per year to meet projected demand and reduce dependence on seafood imports. Government support and private investment are urgently needed for sustainable growth.

Extension Services
Does ICT-based Aquaculture Extension Contribute To Greater Adoption Of Good Management Practices And Improved Incomes? Evidence From Ghana

information and communication technology (ICT) tools (mobile phone, WhatsApp platform, television, and radio) in the dissemination of aquaculture and market information to fish farmers in Ghana. Data from a 2021 survey of 391 active fish farmers were...

Agri-Food News and Media
Impact Of Fish Feed Formulation Training On Feed Use And Farmers' Income: Evidence From Ghana

Feed accounts for 60–80% of tilapia production costs, and high feed cost and limited feed access are major issues faced by fish farmers. A potential solution is for farmers to produce their own feeds using cheaper and locally available ingredients. T...

Food Business
Gender And Food Loss In Sustainable Fish Value Chains In Africa
All CountriesRandrianantoandro, A., Ward, W., Safa Barraza, A.

Food losses are a major concern and occur in most fish distribution chains worldwide. Not only do losses constitute lost income to fishers, processors, and traders, but they also contribute to food insecurity. Progress has been made in identifying th...

Food Business
A Policy And Legal Diagnostic Tool For Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries
All CountriesFAO

This diagnostic tool advances the implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries in the Context of Food Security and Poverty Eradication (SSF Guidelines) through policy and legal frameworks. It is a key tool...

Food Business
Ecosystem Approach To Fisheries Implementation Monitoring Tool
All CountriesFAO

The long-term objective of the project, “Supporting the Application of the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries management considering climate and pollution impacts” (EAF-Nansen Programme, 2017–2021) is that, “sustainable fisheries improve food and nutri...

Agri-Food News and Media
The Politics of Protein
All CountriesPhil Howard

This report examines claims about livestock, fish, ‘alternative proteins’ and sustainability, sheds light on misleading generalisations that dominate public discussion about meat and protein and warns of the risks of falling for meat techno-fixes.

On-Farm Production (crops, livestock)
Immediate Impacts of COVID-19 on the Aquaculture Value Chain in Ghana
GhanaRagasa, Catherine Amewu, Sena Asante, Seth

Ghana’s aquaculture sector is among the recent success stories of fast-growing agricultural value chains in Africa south of the Sahara. The sector has also shown its vulnerability, with the infectious spleen and kidney necrosis virus spreading throug...

Accelerating Pond Aquaculture Development and Resilience Beyond COVID: Ensuring Food and Jobs in Ghana

Over the past decade, the aquaculture sector in Ghana has experienced tremendous growth—driven mainly by large-scale cage aquaculture. Pond aquaculture, traditionally extensive and with limited external inputs, has been transforming over the same per...

Agribusiness SMEs
Gender in Nigeria's Aquaculture and Small-Scale Fisheries Value Chains
All CountriesAdam, R. Byrd, K.A. Siriwardena, S.N. Subasinghe,...

In aquaculture: Women and men are involved in all nodes of the aquaculture value chain (Veliu etal., 2009), but the value chain activities are highly gendered. Women are more involved in post-harvest activities, while men tend to dominate in sh farm...

On-Farm Production (crops, livestock)
Prospects for Developing Green Aquaculture in Africa
All CountriesPhilippe Tous

This note on sea cucumber farming is part of a series to analyze the different forms of green aquaculture, assessing potential environmental, economic, and social benefits. Aquaculture offers advantages on several levels closely aligned to the Bank’s...

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