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Food Blogging
Transforming Nigeria’s Agrifood System: Wealthier, but also healthier
NigeriaOliver Ecker, Tracy Brown and Kwaw S. Andam

Transforming current food systems is widely acknowledged as key to achieving multiple Sustainable Development Goals, including zero hunger, good health and well-being, and climate action (FAO et al. 2021). Yet even before the COVID-19 pandemic, billi...

Food Blogging
Using WhatsApp to Link Farmers to Consumers in Kenya
KenyaAlliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa

Using WhatsApp to Link Farmers to Consumers in Kenya

Food Blogging
Foregone Benefits of Important Food Crop Improvements in Sub-Saharan Africa
Sub-Saharan AfricaJustus Wesseler ,Richard D. Smart ,Jennifer Thomso...

A number of new crops have been developed that address important traits of particular relevance for smallholder farmers in Africa. Scientists, policy makers, and other stakeholders have raised concerns that the approval process for these new crops...

Food Blogging
Integrating Food into Urban Planning
Sub-Saharan AfricaYves Cabannes and Cecilia Marocchino

The integration of food into urban planning is a crucial and emerging topic. Urban planners, alongside the local and regional authorities that have traditionally been less engaged in food-related issues, are now asked to take a central and active par...

Food Blogging
Food security for Africa: an urgent global challenge
Sub-Saharan AfricaAlbert Sasson

In 2012, food insecurity is still a major global concern as 1 billion people are suffering from starvation, under-, and malnutrition, and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has concluded that we are still far from rea...

Food Blogging
The Impact of Climate Change on Food Security and Malnutrition in the Sahel Region of Cameroon
CameroonElvis Chabejong Nkwetta

Climate change has direct and indirect impact on human health. The indirect impact includes Malnutrition caused by food insecurity. The population of the Sahel region of Cameroon continuously experiences an increasing level of malnutrition, partly du...

Food Blogging
Traceability of food products in Morocco
MoroccoM. Sobh, H. Elgharbaoui, A. Fadli, R. Bengueddour

Traceability is a tool for production management and planning of the food chain that adapts to the rules of the market. In this work we have shown how traceability has supported a system that can respond quickly to any health crisis throughout the fo...

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