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policy and advocacy (67 Results)
Policy and Advocacy
Case Study Ghana - Connecting The Dots: Policy Innovations For Food Systems Transformation In Africa
GhanaMalabo Montpellier Panel

Ghana is recognized as a leading African country in its efforts to reduce poverty and boost economic growth. A key component of success is the government’s forward-thinking long-term policies that have paved the way for short-, mid-term and cross-sec...

Policy and Advocacy
Case Study Rwanda - Connecting The Dots: Policy Innovations For Food Systems Transformation In Africa
RwandaMalabo Montpellier Panel

Rwanda has developed an extensive institutional framework that supports effective coordination between different stakeholders in the development and implementation of activities and interventions in its food systems. The government’s approach centers...

Policy and Advocacy
Case Study Malawi - Connecting The Dots: Policy Innovations For Food Systems Transformation In Africa
MalawiMalabo Montpellier Panel

Malawi is among the top African countries that are on course to achieve continental agricultural policy reform and budget allocation targets. Recent institutional, policy and programmatic interventions demonstrate a comprehensive approach to transfor...

Policy and Advocacy
Case Study Morocco - Connecting The Dots: Policy Innovations For Food Systems Transformation In Africa
MoroccoMalabo Montpellier Panel

Morocco’s commitment to sustainably develop its agriculture sector and agri-food industries to meet its food and nutritional demands from domestic production has significantly contributed to building a sustainable food system. Through the Ministry of...

Policy and Advocacy
A Comprehensive Food Systems Diagnostic Approach To Inform Policymaking Toward Sustainable Healthy Diets For All
All CountriesMalabo Montpellier Panel

The initiative Food System Transformative Integrated Policy (FS-TIP) initiative supports African governments that demonstrate robust integrative leadership and capacity the development and implementation of transformative and integrated food systems...

Policy and Advocacy
Connecting The Dots: Policy Innovations For Food Systems Transformation In Africa
All CountriesMalabo Montpellier Panel

This report, Connecting the Dots: Policy Innovations for Food Systems Transformation in Africa draws on the experience and at times visionary leadership of four African countries: Ghana, Malawi, Morocco, and Rwanda. It focuses on their policy and ins...

Policy and Advocacy
FS-TIP Brief Malawi Food Systems Transformative Integrated Policy Assessment Of Food Systems Drivers In Malawi
MalawiJohn Ulimwengu., Wondwosen Tefera., Sunday Odjo.,...

This policy brief aims at providing analysis on the status of key factors that shape food system in Malawi by focusing mainly on the recent performance (2010 – 2019). The drivers covered includes environmental and climatic conditions, global trade, a...

Policy and Advocacy
The Future Of Food And Agriculture – Drivers And Triggers For Transformation
All CountriesFAO

This report aims at inspiring strategic thinking and actions to transform agrifood systems towards a sustainable, resilient and inclusive future, by building on both previous reports in the same series as well as on a comprehensive corporate strategi...

Policy and Advocacy
ADAPT: Policy Innovations To Unlock Climate Finance For Resilient Food Systems In Africa
MaliMalabo Montpellier Panel

Mali is increasingly exposed to climate change impacts, including droughts, floods, and extreme temperature and precipitation variations which in turn have led to reduced agricultural productivity, food insecurity, conflict, and migration. Over the l...

Policy and Advocacy
A Blueprint For Strengthening Food System Resilience In West Africa : Regional Priority Intervention Areas
All CountriesWorld Bank, FAO

Over the last decade, the combined impact of multiple drivers and shocks including food demand growth, stagnant crop yields, climate change, rising insecurity, and, more recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in worsening food and nutrition ins...

Policy and Advocacy
African Farmers, Value Chains And Agricultural Development: An Economic And Institutional Perspective
All CountriesAlan De Brauw And Erwin Bulte

This book provides a thorough introduction to and examination of agricultural value chains in Sub-Saharan Africa. First, the authors introduce the economic theory of agri-food value chains and value chain governance, focusing on domestic and regional...

Policy and Advocacy
National AgriFood Systems And COVID-19 In Zimbabwe

This report describes: (i) policy measures enacted by Zimbabwe to contain the spread of the virus; (ii) policies and measures to stabilize the functioning of agri-food systems; (iii) potential effects of policies on agri-food systems and vulnerable g...

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