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food business (31 Results)
Food Business
FAO Statistical Yearbook – World Food and Agriculture
All CountriesFAO

This publication offers a synthesis of the major factors at play in the global food and agricultural landscape. Statistics are presented in four thematic chapters, covering the economic importance of agricultural activities, inputs, outputs and facto...

Food Business
Food Price Volatility And Its Implications For Food Security And Policy

Price volatility is an intrinsically market-related economic concept. The economics of this book is, however, carefully embedded into the political, agricultural, climate, and nutritional domains. This makes the book an important contribution for the...

Food Business
The Russia-Ukraine Conflict And Global Food Security

When Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, the conflict quickly sparked fears of a global food crisis. Food prices were already high in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and many countries were facing serious food insecurity. The Black Sea region...

Food Business
Food Balance Sheets 2017-2021

The Food Balance Sheets were compiled with the technical support from AfDB, under its agricultural statistics capacity building program, as well as financial support from Phase 5 of the Statistical Capacity Building Program (SCB-5) of the Bank execut...

Food Business
From Food Price Crisis To An Equitable Food System

From Food Price Crisis To An Equitable Food System

Food Business
Sierra Leone - Country Food And Agriculture Delivery Compact
Sierra LeoneAfDB

The Agriculture Delivery Compact will lay the foundation to support Sierra Leone to become food self-sufficient, reduce dependence on food importation, boost exports of processed crops, while also creating jobs in rural areas. With a total envelope o...

Food Business
Zambia - Country Food and Agriculture Delivery Compact

This focuses on the development of farm blocks, strengthening and improving the delivery of extension services, promoting irrigation and water management, agricultural inputs support management, agricultural mechanization, and the development and ope...

Food Business
Zimbabwe: Country Food And Agriculture Delivery Compact

Zimbabwe aims to achieve food, feed, and oils security and has adopted a plan to climate-proof agriculture by growing crops particularly suited to its agroecological regions. The various government programmes and projects aim to promote production an...

Food Business
Role Of Agricultural Commercialization In The Agricultural Transformation Of Ethiopia: Trends, Drivers, And Impact On Well-Being
EthiopiaMinot, Nicholas Warner, James Aredo, Samson Dejene...

Agricultural transformation refers to a series of changes in agriculture that both reflect and drive rising income and economic development more broadly. While the macroeconomic patterns of agricultural transformation are relatively well documented,...

Food Business
How To Expand Your Product Basket In A Strategic Way
All CountriesC. Taylor, E. Colenbrander, E. Schmitz, M. Buisson

This how-to-guide from the Global Distributors Collective is useful for last mile distributors looking to expand their product offering for customers. Exploring what this means for different distribution models, as well as key factors to consider inc...

Food Business
From Farm To Table: African Agribusinesses Driving A Sustainable And Resilient Food Ecosystem
All CountriesSahel Consulting and African Food Changemakers

This Quarterly takes a farm-to-table approach to explore the ongoing work, impact, gaps, and opportunities for Africa's agribusiness sector, particularly in input provision, supply chain efficiency, use of technology, and market access. In this publi...

Food Business
Food Systems In Africa : Rethinking The Role Of Markets
All CountriesBalineau, Gaelle., Bauer, Arthur., Kessler, Martin...

Food for cities in Africa is changing under the triple effect of growth demography, urbanization and transformations in agricultural production and trade. These changes create risks: African cities increasingly face the challenges of undernutrition a...

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