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Financial Services
Policy Innovations To Unlock Climate Finance For Resilient Food Systems In Africa: BN, ML, RW, ZB
All CountriesMalabo Montpellier Panel

For African countries to improve their preparedness, adapt to climate change, and build resilient food systems, they will require significant investment. Indeed, recognizing the imperative and urgency of the needs, several countries have already allo...

Financial Services
Demand And Supply Constraints Of Credit In Smallholder Farming: Evidence From Ethiopia And Tanzania

Credit constraint is often considered as one of the key barriers to the adoption of modern agricultural technologies and low agricultural productivity in low- and middle-income countries. Past research and much of the policy discourse associate agric...

Financial Services
Financial Incentives Often Fail To Reconcile Agricultural Productivity And Pro-conservation Behavior

Paying resource users to preserve features of their environment could, in theory, better align production and conservation goals. Across this range of dilemmas, while payments can encourage pro-conservation behavior, they often fail to capitalize on...

Financial Services
GIINSIGHT: Sizing The Impact Investing Market 2022
All CountriesD. Hand

The GIIN estimates the size of the worldwide impact investing market to be USD 1.164 trillion, marking the first time that the organization’s widely-cited estimate has topped the USD 1 trillion mark. The report, which was produced with the financial...

Financial Services
SMEs And Trade Finance In Africa
All CountriesOmolola Amoussou, Eugene Bempong Nyantakyi, Patric...

This policy brief provides an overview of the trade finance landscape for SMEs in Africa. It focuses on the importance of trade finance for such enterprises and the key challenges they face in accessing bank-intermediated trade finance. It...

Financial Services
Agriculture Subsidies For Better Outcomes : Options For Zimbabwe
ZimbabweWorld Bank Group

Zimbabwe has a long history of providing subsidies to farmers. The policies that have defined these subsidies have changed over time and led periodically to significant and unsustainable pressure on fiscal resources. Agricultural subsidy costs are a...

Financial Services
Climate Finance
All CountriesAfDP

As the premier financial development institution in Africa, the African Development Bank acknowledges that climate finance is crucial for the continent to be able to adapt to the growing impacts of climate change. The Bank committed to provide $25 bi...

Financial Services
Agri-SME Finance: Navigating Volatility In The Wake Of The War In Ukraine
All CountriesSAFIN, IFC, IFAD

This learning brief summarizes the challenges, opportunities, and responses of agri-SMEs, financiers and development partners to the current food crisis, as described in our recent learning event hosted on 06 July 2022. It details the recent innovat...

Financial Services
Investor and Technical Assistance Database
All CountriesInclusive Business Action Network

This database targets companies looking for financial and/or technical support. The database lists organisations and initiatives providing different kinds of support, such as capital in the form of grants, loans and equity, or technical support in th...

Financial Services
The Five Essentials of Successful Pitching
All CountriesInclusive Business Action Network

This toolkit was developed as a concise guide to support businesses with pitching their business model to investors.

Financial Services
What Makes a Business of Interest to an Impact Investor?
All CountriesImpact Capital Africa, Inclusive Business Action N...

This factsheet explains what makes an inclusive business company of interest to impact investor

Financial Services
Effective Partnerships to Direct Green Finance Towards Agri-SMEs
All CountriesSAFIN

The critical role that effective partnerships play in connecting green finance and agri-SME finance has been a common theme across SAFIN’s learning activities this year. Partnerships in this space appear both essential and often challenging and compl...

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