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trade facilitation and agro-commodity exchange (10 Results)
Trade Facilitation and Agro-commodity Exchange
BoP Marketing And Distribution
All Countries2SCALE, Bopinc

This paper explain why 2SCALE focuses on marketing and distribution to the BoP, how it shape pilots within the program to introduce this way of working to business champions and, in turn, how they learn from testing this particular approach. One of t...

Trade Facilitation and Agro-commodity Exchange
Ethiopia - Rural Income Diagnostics Study : Leveraging The Transformation In The Agri-Food System And Global Trade To Expand Rural Incomes
EthiopiaWorld Bank Group

Ethiopia began the decade on a great run, with high economic growth and significant gains in poverty reduction nationally. But the gains were unevenly shared. Multiple shocks at the beginning of the new decade threaten to discontinue progress and pos...

Trade Facilitation and Agro-commodity Exchange
Africa In World Agricultural Trade: Participation In Global Value Chains
All CountriesOdjo, Sunday P., Diallo, Mariam Amadou

The world economy is increasingly organized through global value chains (GVC) that result from the fragmentation of production processes across countries. A GVC consists of the series of stages involved in producing a product or service that is sold...

Trade Facilitation and Agro-commodity Exchange
Expanding Product Baskets In A Strategic Way
All CountriesEmile Schmitz, Marine Buisson, Emma Colenbrander,...

For last-mile distributors (LMDs), selling multiple different products or product categories can be a means to accelerate the path to profitability. By not "putting all your eggs in one basket," LMDs also mitigate the impact of external threats like...

Trade Facilitation and Agro-commodity Exchange
Africa Agriculture Trade Monitor 2022
All CountriesAntoine Bouet, ED., Sunday P. Odjo, ED., Chahir Z...

The 2022 Africa Agriculture Trade Monitor, a flagship publication of AKADEMIYA2063 and the International Food Policy Research Institute, provides an overview of trade in agriculture in Africa, including analysis of short- and long-term trends and dri...

Trade Facilitation and Agro-commodity Exchange
African Strategy On Combating Illegal Exploitation And Illegal Trade In Wild Fauna And Flora In Africa
All CountriesAU

The illegal trade in wild fauna and flora involves the harvesting, procurement, transport, and distribution both domestically and internationally, of animals and plants, as well as their parts and derivatives, in violation of laws and treaties. It ra...

Trade Facilitation and Agro-commodity Exchange
African Agribusiness Youth Strategy
All CountriesAU

In Sub-Saharan Africa, 52% of women are employed in the agricultural sector making it impossible to talk about agribusiness without including women. The youth agribusiness strategy must thus explicitly engage young women and men equally. It must also...

Trade Facilitation and Agro-commodity Exchange
A Brief Description Of The Methodology Used To Quantify Remaining Import Needs And Unrealized Export Availabilities For Fertilizer In 2022
All CountriesFAO

This document provides a brief overview of the underlying methodology to forecast import gaps and export surpluses for fertilizer. It also includes a brief description of the data used and the methods applied to standardize and aggregate and to event...

Trade Facilitation and Agro-commodity Exchange
Building Resilient Agribusinesses in Africa
Sahel and Nourishing Africa

It is our hope that this publication will provide critical information and practical next steps for key stakeholders to implement, as well as generate a greater conversation on how we can support entrepreneurs who are driving innovation and growth...

Trade Facilitation and Agro-commodity Exchange
Growth With Resilience: Opportunities in African Agriculture
Central African Republic (CAR)Agriculture for Impact

The report aims to inform discussions related to key policy events in 2012 and will look broadly at agriculture’s role in supporting green growth, food and nutrition security, ecosystem services and climate change mitigation and adaptation, among oth...

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