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Climate Change
How Regenerative Agriculture Can Increase Africa’s Food Production
All CountriesNdidi Nwuneli, Bogolo Kenewendo, Zoë Karl-Waithaka

As global stakeholders work towards COP27, the next climate change conference, and accelerate efforts to confront the climate crisis, there has been increasing focus on “regenerative agriculture” – a term that is widely used but not always well under...

Food Safety
Hunger Hotspots FAO‑WFP Early Warnings On Acute Food Insecurity October 2022 To January 2023 Outlook
All CountriesFAO, WFP

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Food Programme (WFP) warn that acute food insecurity is likely to deteriorate further in 19 countries or situations – called hunger hotspots – during the outlook period f...

Food Safety
Food Safety In The Time Of COVID-19
All CountriesFAO

Specific information about the virus responsible for COVID-19 is and remains scant; however, the behaviour and characteristics of the virus can be predicted based on data from similar viruses such as those responsible for Severe Acute Respiratory Syn...

Food Safety
Tracking Progress On Food And Agriculture-Related SDG Indicators 2022
All CountriesFAO

As the world enters the third year of the COVID-19 crisis, it is evident that after years of progress, development has been halted or even reversed across several domains. While the world was off track from meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (...

2022 - Responding To Impacts Of The Global Food Crisis In Western Africa
All CountriesWFP

Today, one in every seven of the acutely food insecure people in the world lives in Western Africa where hunger has quadrupled in 2022. Even before the Russia-Ukraine conflict, people in the region were facing a perfect storm of the four “Cs” - clima...

Marketing and Trade
The New Value Of Procurement
All CountriesRamon Colomina, Kristin Ruehle, Daniel Vollath, Al...

The supply chain procurement function has a big opportunity to take a leading role in addressing some of the most challenging issues organizations face today. Unethical labor practices. Getting to net-zero emissions. Recruiting top talent. Enabling u...

Food Safety
Africa Agriculture Status Report: Accelerating African Food Systems Transformation
All CountriesAGRA

The report highlights six megatrends shaping the development of agrifood systems in Africa that warrant greater attention by stakeholders. It examines the role of leadership in harnessing collective effort, shared responsibility, greater stakeholder...

Training and Capacity Building
Empowering Youth To Engage In Responsible Investment In Agriculture And Food Systems
All CountriesFAO

Engaging young women and men in an agricultural sector characterized by an ageing labour force is crucial to ensure sustainable food security, reduce youth unemployment and combat unplanned migration. By harnessing their innovative potential, utilizi...

Marketing and Trade
Labelling And Certification Schemes For Indigenous Peoples' Foods
All CountriesFAO, Alliance of Bioversity International, CIAT

This review, for the first time to date, analyses the potential of labelling and certification schemes for Indigenous Peoples to market their food products. Specifically, it looks at those schemes that are designed by, with and for Indigenous Peoples...

Food Safety
Bioenergy And Food Security (BEFS) Assessment – Seychelles

A sustainable and stable energy supply is essential for a country’s stability and wellbeing. Seychelles, like many small island developing states (SIDS), currently depends on imported energy, in the form of fossil fuels. The high dependence on fossil...

Policy and Advocacy
Science, Practice, And Policy Expert Dialogue On Food Systems And Resilience
All CountriesFAO, World Agroforestry

Building and expanding upon the Science, Practice and Policy Expert Dialogue of the 2021 RFS Annual Workshop, This brief focuses on a range of practical strategies to translate international agendas into field and policy programmes. Numerous high-...

Marketing and Trade
Agricultural Cooperatives, Responsible Sourcing And Risk-Based Due Diligence
All CountriesFAO

The objective of this technical paper is to consider how agricultural cooperatives in developing and transitional economies can help reduce adverse environmental, social and development impacts in global agricultural value chains (GVCs), including th...

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