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Redefining Milk in the Nigerian Context
NigeriaAyodeji Ojo

According to the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, a 250 ml glass of whole milk from cows can provide a 5-6-year-old child with 48% of their protein requirements and 9% of calories and key micro-nutrients. Milk also provides adul...

Making a case for the development of the Nigerian Dairy Sector
NigeriaOyebamiji Olumide

Millions of women and girls from pastoral communities in Nigeria are engaged in the informal dairy industry. Despite the labor-intensive nature of the work, the financial rewards are insufficient and will not move smallholder pastoralists out of the...

Tackling the Challenges Faced by the Nigerian Dairy Sector: Lessons from Kenya
KenyaOluwafisayomi Kayode

In 2018, the Food and Agriculture Organization’s World Cattle Inventory reported that Nigeria had the 4th largest cattle population in Africa with over 20 million cattle out of which 2.3 million were dairy cows. Despite this large herd size, milk pro...

Fast Tracking Dairy Sector Development in Nigeria through Public – Private Sector Extension
NigeriaBusiness Day

One of the most critical components of any sustainable agricultural development plan is the maintenance of an effective extension services system – a branch of agriculture that ensures the systematic transfer of knowledge and technical advice to farm...

The Growing Disparity in Women’s Financial Agency in Nigeria: The Dairy Sector Case Study
NigeriaIfy Umunna

According to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s 2018 report on Women’s Market Inclusion, there are over 92 million women in Nigeria, yet only 23% of them have access to formal financial services – the vast majority living in urban areas. While cel...

Bridging the Infrastructural Gap in the Nigerian Dairy Sector
NigeriaMohammed Rilwan

Nigeria dairy farmers are mostly pastoralists who are concentrated in rural regions of the country. Dairy production, however, requires the availability of water for animal consumption, milk production, and processing, as well as the irrigation of fo...

The Poultry Industry: Converting Waste to Gain
All CountriesAgra innovate

Agriculture, though largely under-developed, is the most important sector to the Nigerian economy after oil of which animal production is a very crucial part. Crop and animal Agriculture should be combined together for best results in the economy. An...

Cattle Livestock Value Chain Transformation Project: Concept Note for the Provision of Transaction and Advisory Services
NigeriaÄgrikØnsult and EY

With domestic, regional and international demand for beef expected to grow significantly over the coming decades, the desire to transform Nigeria’s beef sector is coming at the right time. The transformation of the sector will foster a change in how...

Dairy Farming In Nigeria, Past, Present and Future.
NigeriaAdekunle Ayandele

Dairy farming in Nigeria has witnessed decades of ups and downs, costing government and investors millions of dollars in losses. This article reflected on the past, current situation and how learning through them can help develop a sustainable and...

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