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Good Emergency Management Practice: The Essentials
All CountriesGary, F., Clauss, M., Bonbon, E., Myers, L.

Animal health emergencies are evolving, but they remain among the most challenging situations a country can confront. Infectious diseases and other threats have increasing potential to spread rapidly within a country or around the world due to growin...

How Entrepreneurs Are Using Data To Empower Communities
All CountriesiBAN

Learn more about how data can empower communities by reading this twenty-third edition of the online magazine on Inclusive Business! The illustration was developed by Christopher Malapitan, a visual practitioner and trainer based in Brussels. Through...

An Opportunity For Businesses And Society To Restore Degraded Land In Africa
All CountriesAfrican Regenerative Agriculture Study Group

A report commissioned by IUCN and the UNFCCC High Level Champions and steered by a working group of African partners ahead of Climate COP26 in Glasgow provides compelling, quantitative evidence of the positive impacts of regenerative agricultural pra...

Nurturing Change Across African Agriculture
All CountriesAGRA

Since AGRA’s founding, the organization has sought to catalyze a farming revolution in Africa, underpinned by the belief that African farmers can change their lives, move out of poverty and contribute to sustainable development...

Do Private Consultants Promote Savings and Investments in Rural Mozambique?

Advice from managementprofessionals can help small- and medium-sized firms reach complex financial goals in low- and middle-income countries. We apply lessons learned in the firm literature to determine the degree in which farmer associations face co...

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Mismatch between Soil Nutrient Deficiencies and Fertilizer Applications: Implications for Yield Responses in Ethiopia
EthiopiaKibrom A. Abay, Mehari H. Abay, Mulubrhan Amare, G...

In this article we use experimental (spectral soil analysis) data from Ethiopia to examine farmers’ response to soil nutrient deficiencies and its implications for yield responses. We find that farmers’ response to macronutrient (nitrogen and phospho...

Companies as a Force of Good
All CountriesiBAN

In this issue, we examine the intersection between investment and social impact, focusing on funding that supports inclusive businesses that target underserved communities around the world. This includes a look at innovative financing solutions that...

Decentralised Renewable Energy Innovations to Boost Agri-Sector Productivity & Address Global Food System Challenges
All CountriesDeepak Mohapatra (ARE), Jens Jaeger (ARE), David L...

Agriculture is a source of livelihood for 86% of people living in rural areas globally. Besides farming, livelihoods can encompass various activities in other key agricultural sub-sectors, including livestock and fishing and aquaculture.

Sourcing from Smallholders: Complex Challenge or Commercial Opportunity? Perspectives from Investors and Agribusinesses
All CountriesCASA

Continued importance of small-scale agriculture in Low- to Middle-Income Country (LMIC) Agriculture is key to rural livelihoods, employing 70% of the labour force across low-income countries worldwide.14 In sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, smallhol...

Agricultural Technology Guide for Advancing Professional Farmer Organisations
All CountriesAMEA

The Agriculture Technology (Ag-tech) WG was created in 2018 with a goal to curate, disseminate, and promote disruptive and appropriate Ag-techs that increase farmer professionalism, incomes and promote sustainable production. Regular on-line meetings...

Achieving Sustainable Agricultural Practices: From Incentives to Adoption and Outcomes
NigeriaValeria Piñeiro, Joaquín Arias, Pablo Elverdin, An...

Sustainable agricultural practices enable more efficient use of natural resources, mitigate the impact of agriculture on the environment, and strengthen capacity for adaptation to climate change and climate variability. Because these practices usuall...

Variability in Agricultural Productivity and Rural Household Consumption Inequality: Evidence From Nigeria and Uganda

This paper uses multiple rounds of panel data to assess the distributional implications of the variability in agricultural productivity in Nigeria and Uganda. It uses both a conventional decomposition and a regression-based inequality decomposition a...

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