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livestock and small ruminants (53 Results)
Marketing and Trade
Price Predictors In An Extended Hedonic Regression Framework: An Application To Wholesale Cattle Markets In Ethiopia

Livestock markets influence income generation for producers, but also accessibility and affordability of highly nutritious animal-sourced foods for consumers. Despite their importance, the functioning of livestock markets in lower-income countries is...

On-Farm Production (crops, livestock)
How Smart Investments In Technology Can Beef Up Africa’s Economy
UgandaMalabo Montpellier Panel

In recent years, some private sector players in Uganda have invested in testing systems to detect aflatoxin in animal feeds. The goal is to prevent milk and meat contamination. Others have developed refrigeration units that are powered with biogas fr...

On-Farm Production (crops, livestock)
Transforming Africa’s Livestock Sector Is Key To Food Security Amid Surging Demand For Meat And Milk, Report Finds
All CountriesMalabo Montpellier Panel

Without sustainable growth of its livestock sector, Africa is expected to import up to a fifth of meat and milk within the next 30 years.

On-Farm Production (crops, livestock)
Livestock: Uganda Case Study
UgandaMalabo Montpellier Panel

Uganda stands out for its commitment to strengthening its dairy sector through dedicated policies to liberalise the dairy industry, and to restructure and privatise the state-owned dairy processing company. Uganda’s interventions are directed toward...

On-Farm Production (crops, livestock)
Livestock: Mali Case Study
MaliMalabo Montpellier Panel

The report provides in-depth analyses of four African countries that have been at the forefront of sustainably expanding and growing their livestock sectors to benefit local communities through institutional innovation and innovative policymaking. Th...

Research and Development
Leveraging Livestock Sector Innovations For A Resilient And Sustainable Food System In Africa
All CountriesKatrin Glatzel

Animal husbandry plays a significant role in Africa’s food systems, supporting the livelihoods of an estimated 268 million people in 36 African countries and making an important contribution to food security and nutrition. However, to meet the increa...

Food Safety
Livestock And Sustainable Food Systems: Status, Trends, And Priority Actions
All CountriesHerrero, M., Mason-D'Croz, D., Thornton, P.K., Fan...

Livestock are a critically important component of the food system, although the sector needs a profound transformation to ensure that it contributes to a rapid transition towards sustainable food systems. This chapter reviews and synthesises the evid...

Climate Change
Regenerative Grazing For Climate, Ecosystem, And Human Health
All CountriesCosta Ciniro., Escudero Arthur., Flintan Fiona E.,...

The brief is about the case study of two transformative land regeneration approaches developed in Africa: agroforestry and regenerative grazing management. These two approaches come together in silvopastoral systems - livestock grazing and browsing i...

On-Farm Production (crops, livestock)
Restoring Rangelands: The Art Of Flexible Livestock Management

Climate change, increased livestock population, complex land tenure systems, and land fragmentation are key factors contributing to the decline of rangelands. The dismantling of Tunisia's traditional Bedouin-led grazing system, gdel or Hima, has furt...

Food Safety
The Context Of Application Of Biosecurity For Control Of African Swine Fever In Smallholder Pig Systems: Current Gaps And Recommendations
All CountriesMutua, Florence K., Dione, Michel M.

African swine fever (ASF) is a highly fatal disease of pigs. It is a threat to the pig industry as it lowers production and significantly impacts on livelihoods. ASF has no cure and a vaccine against it is yet to be developed. Outbreaks continue to b...

On-Farm Production (crops, livestock)
Veterinary Vaccines: Principles And Applications
All CountriesMetwally, S. (ed.); Viljoen, G. (ed.); El Idrissi,...

Provides a concise and authoritative reference on the use of vaccines against diseases of livestock. Compiled by Senior Animal Health Officers at The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, and with contributions from international l...

Good Emergency Management Practice: The Essentials
All CountriesGary, F., Clauss, M., Bonbon, E., Myers, L.

Animal health emergencies are evolving, but they remain among the most challenging situations a country can confront. Infectious diseases and other threats have increasing potential to spread rapidly within a country or around the world due to growin...

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