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packaging and storage (3 Results)
Packaging and Storage
Economic Analysis Of Threshing And Shelling Machine Service Provision To Reduce Post-Harvest Loss In Ethiopia
EthiopiaGetachew M., Fentahun M., C Fikadu

The Sasakawa Africa Association (SAA) has been addressing the neglected postharvest sector in Ethiopia through promoting improved storage facilities and introducing handheld and motorized crop shelling and threshing machines. However, post-harvest te...

Packaging and Storage
Harvest-tenure Promotes Innovative Technologies, Tools, Practices and Training/Capacity Building to Reduce Postharvest loss
GhanaWilliam Lanier

Assessing African Union food and feed imports versus exports or foreign exchange reserves, suggests agribusiness based on inputs and warehouses does not cost-effectively provide surplus nutrition. A trial in Ghana organized data on staple grain posth...

Packaging and Storage
Quantification and Benefits of Reducing Post-Harvest Losses: Evidence for Vegetables in Senegal

This study examines on-farm post-harvest losses (PHL) for three vegetable crops (onion, tomato, and pimento) in Senegal and the potential economic benefits associated with reducing PHL for these three vegetables. Household survey data was used to qua...

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