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training and capacity building (34 Results)
Training and Capacity Building
Empowering Youth To Engage In Responsible Investment In Agriculture And Food Systems
All CountriesFAO

Engaging young women and men in an agricultural sector characterized by an ageing labour force is crucial to ensure sustainable food security, reduce youth unemployment and combat unplanned migration. By harnessing their innovative potential, utilizi...

Training and Capacity Building
FAO E-Learning Academy: Major Achievements For 2021
All CountriesFAO

This publication describes the activities and initiatives implemented by the elearning Academy in 2021. 2021 was an exceptionally productive and successful year with over 700 000 learners throughout the world, more than 90 FAO multilingual elearning...

Training and Capacity Building
How To Build And Recognize An All-Star Startup Team
All CountriesStartLife

The success of any startup depends largely on its founding team. In fact, ‘not the right team’ is often cited as one the main reasons for startup failure. No wonder that startup accelerators, investors, strategic partners and customers are very inter...

Training and Capacity Building
Introduction to Solar Drying
KenyaSamson L. Opanda

Drying, in the context of agriculture, refers to the process of removing moisture from crops. After harvest, a crop will have inherent moisture that it accumulated during the growth phase. The moisture creates a favorable environment for microbial ac...

Training and Capacity Building
Positioning of African Farmers Organizations in the Context of the AfCFTA
All CountriesPan African Farmers Organisation

In regard to agriculture, intra-African agricultural trade is particularly underexploited owing to high import tariffs, other non-tariff barriers (such as health and safety standards), low productivity, and a lack of rural connectivity. So, the AfCFT...

Training and Capacity Building
Protecting Your Employees And Operation During COVID-19
All CountriesPartners in Food Solutions

This research highlights steps that are crucial to keeping operations running now and into the future.

Training and Capacity Building
Mapping Assessment Validation:Potential for Youths in Rwandan Agroecology
RwandaAgri Pro Focus

The Youth in Agroecology and Business Learning Track Africa (YALTA) program aims to support young Agripreneurs to apply agroecological principles and to co-create networks around them, contributing to the increased sustainability of food systems and...

Training and Capacity Building
Rural Youth Employment and Agri–Food Systems in Rwanda: A Rapid Context Analysis

This rapid context analysis has been developed in the inception stage of the third phase of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Integrated Country Approach programme (ICA programme) for boosting decent jobs for youth in...

Training and Capacity Building
Employment in Export-Oriented Agricultural Value Chain in Rwanda
RwandaInternational Labour Office, Rwanda

This synthesis report is based on work done through the Joint European Union and International Labour Office of the Government of Rwanda (EU-ILO) project, aimed at strengthening the impact on employment of sectoral and trade policies. It synthesizes...

Training and Capacity Building
Rwanda STARS: Strengthening African Rural Smallholder Farmers
RwandaICCO Cooperation

The Strengthening African Rural Smallholders (STARS) program is a five-year program (2016-2020) implemented by ICCO Cooperation in partnership with Mastercard Foundation. Through a market systems development approach it focuses on improving access to...

Training and Capacity Building
Creating the Future of Maize Value Chain in Rwanda: Challenges and Opportunities
RwandaEuropean Cooperative for Rural Development

The CREATE Rwanda project is being funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Heineken International and International Finance Corporation (IFC) to increase maize productivity, establish linkages from farmers, to processors, and the Heine...

Training and Capacity Building
The Digitalisation of African Agriculture Report

Agricultural transformation remains one of Africa’s most pressing priorities but has been difficult to achieve. The statistics are well-known: Africa, especially Sub-Saharan Africa, (SSA), needs to double (and perhaps even triple) current le...

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