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agri-food news and media (234 Results)
Agri-Food News and Media
Animal Source Foods In Healthy, Sustainable, And Ethical Diets

-An argument against the drastic limitation of livestock in the food system. Animal source foods are evolutionarily appropriate foods for humans. It is therefore remarkable that they are now presented by some as unhealthy, unsustainable, and unethica...

Agri-Food News and Media
COVID-19 And Global Food Security: Two Years Later

In COVID-19 & Global Food Security: Two Years Later, the editors bring together contributions from new IFPRI research, blogs, and the CGIAR COVID-19 Hub to examine the pandemic’s effects on poverty, food security, nutrition, and health around the wor...

Agri-Food News and Media
Mycotoxin hazards in the Kenyan food and feed market

A retrospective study. Mycotoxins are toxic fungal metabolites naturally found in food and feed as contaminants. In this study, 1818 animal feed and human food samples from three major Kenyan laboratories were categorized as compliant and non-complia...

Agri-Food News and Media
Ethiopia Strategy Support Program (ESSP)

The Ethiopia Strategy Support Program (ESSP) is a collaborative program undertaken by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and Policy Studies Institute (PSI). In order to support inclusive and sustainable growth and transformation...

Agri-Food News and Media
Nigerian CEO Sells Nutritious Foods to Low-Income Consumers

“Many Nigerians still regard nutritious food as a luxury so we set out to find a cost-effective solution for families to have access to healthy, safe and affordable food, particularly those at the base of the pyramid,” says Pelumi Aribisala, the CEO...

Agri-Food News and Media
AGRA Annual Report 2020
All CountriesAGRA

The theme of this year’s report is nurturing change. It refers to how we begin to see the impact of our work on farmers. We highlight the emerging results of AGRA’s work as we enter the final year of our 2017-2021 strategic period. With one year to g...

Agri-Food News and Media
Agriculture on the Proving Grounds: Damage and Loss
All CountriesFAO

Effective Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) policies can help to counter the economic and food security impacts of disasters as well as safeguard people’s livelihoods. But creating and implementing effective policies involves knowing the disaster strike...

Agri-Food News and Media
Ginger: Investment Opportunities Along the Value Chain
NigeriaAgra innovate

Ginger is well known in many human communities around the world. It is the underground rhizome of a perennial tropical crop called Ginger plant (Zingiber officinale). A mature ginger rhizome is fibrous and has a striated texture. The outer skin of th...

Agri-Food News and Media
Analysis of 2020/2021 Rwanda Agribusiness Budget
RwandaEmmanuel Ntirenganya

As regards the analysis, Gabiro Agribusiness Hub Project, which seeks to develop Rwanda’s farming sector, will receive the largest share of the 2020/2021 agriculture budget. This was disclosed during a virtual press conference on disbursement of fu...

Agri-Food News and Media
FAO Country Brief On Zambia Maize Production In 2020

Harvesting of the 2020 maize crop, the major cereal grown in the country, concluded in June, and production is estimated at a bumper 3.4 million tonnes, the second-largest output on record and 65 percent above the reduced level in 2019. The sharp...

Agri-Food News and Media
USAID Kenya Agricultural Value Chain Enterprise: Feed the Future

The USAID-Kenya Agricultural Value Chain Enterprises (KAVES) project’s goal is to increase the productivity and incomes of smallholders and other actors along the value chain, thereby enhancing food security and improving nutrition. The Ministry of A...

Agri-Food News and Media
USDA Tanzania 2020 Grain and Feed Report

In Marketing Year (MY) 2020/21, corn production fell due to post-harvest loss, ineffective extension services, unreliable markets, pests, and diseases. FAS/Dar es Salaam forecasts MY 2020/2021 corn harvest area down by five percent due to floods, pes...

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