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Agrodealer and Inputs
Too Much of a Good Thing? Evidence that Fertilizer Subsidies Lead to Over-application in Egypt

As part of a national policy to ensure a certain level of food self-sufficiency in strategic crops, the government of Egypt subsidizes nitrogen fertilizer directly by distributing quotas of subsidized fertilizers to farmers and indirectly by subsi...

Research and Development
Connecting genebanks to farmers in East Africa through the distribution of vegetable seed kits
Sub-Saharan AfricaStoilova, Tsvetelina van Zonneveld, Maarten Rootha...

Genebanks explore new partnerships with farmers and other user groups to provide smallholder farmers in Africa better access to crop diversity for improved nutrition, climate change adaptation and agricultural diversification. This paper shows how th...

Research and Development
Nutritional yield of African indigenous vegetables in water-deficient and water-sufficient conditions
Sub-Saharan AfricaLuoh, J.W. Begg, C.B. Symonds, R.C. Ledesma, D. Ya...

Water scarcity in certain regions of sub-Saharan Africa impacts agricultural production while prolonging dry seasons, and contributing to food insecurity and malnutrition. The objectives of the study were to evaluate the nutritional yield (edible yie...

Gender, vegetable value chains, income distribution and access to resources: Insights from surveys in Tanzania
TanzaniaFischer, G. Gramzow, A. Laizer, A.

In sub-Saharan countries, male farmers are frequently seen as producers of cash crops and marketable vegetables, while female farmers are perceived as producers of food crops for home consumption. Few authors have tried to validate this perception of...

Research and Development
Baobab (Adansonia digitata) Fact Sheets
Central African Republic (CAR)AVRDC - The World Vegetable Center

Baobab – Adansonia digitata Fact Sheet

Status of Root-Knot Nematode (Meloidogyne Species) and Fusarium Wilt (Fusarium oxysporum) Disease Complex on Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) in the Central Rift Valley, Ethiopia
EthiopiaYitayih Gedefaw Kassie

Development of diseases in cultivated crops depends on the complex interrelationship among host, pathogen and prevailing environmental conditions. In nature, plants are rarely, if ever, subject to the influence of only one potential pathogen and this...

Research and Development
Growth Performance of Moringa oleifera and Moringa ovalifolia in Central Namibia Semi-Arid Rangeland Environment
NamibiaMorlu Korsor, Charles Ntahonshikira, Haruna M. Bel...

The objective of this study was to compare the field growth performance of Moringa oleifera and Moringa ovalifolia in semi-arid environment of central Namibia rangeland.nam

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