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marketing and trade (48 Results)
Marketing and Trade
The Role Of African Governments In Supporting African Food Exports
NigeriaTemitope Jebutu

Over 90% of the processed food that is consumed in Nigeria is imported, even though 60% of the population is engaged in agriculture. Not unconnected, over 55% of household income is spent on food. 20-50% of grains, herbs, fruits, and vegetables are w...

Marketing and Trade
Formal and Informal Contract Farming in Mozambique : Socially Embedded Relations of Agricultural Intensification
MozambiqueGert Jan Veldwisch, Philip Woodhouse

This paper explores the role of contract farming arrangements in agricultural intensification in sub-Saharan Africa, combining secondary literature and original case material from Mozambique. The paper extends the scope of “contract farming” beyond t...

Marketing and Trade
Irrigating Zimbabwe After Land Reform: The Potential of Farmer-Led Systems
ZimbabweScoones, Murimbarimba and Mahenehene

Farmer-led irrigation is far more extensive in Zimbabwe than realised by planners and policymakers. This paper explores the pattern of farmer-led irrigation in neighbouring post-land reform smallholder resettlement sites in Zimbabwe’s Masvingo distri...

Marketing and Trade
Sahel Quarterly: Unlocking the Promise of AfCFTA for Agribusiness in Africa
All CountriesSahel and Nourishing Africa

This quarterly provides insights into practical solutions and opportunities that stakeholders can explore to key into larger markets, scale businesses, create more linkages, and contribute towards the smooth implementation of a consolidated African m...

Marketing and Trade
The Relative Commercial Orientation of Smallholder Farmers in Nigeria: Household and Crop value- Chain Analyses

smallholder farming households in Nigeria results in greater incomes for their households, which, in turn, can drive an expansion in local nonfarm employment opportunities and raise incomes across rural communities. Appropriately targeting agricultur...

Marketing and Trade
Quarterly Market Report for Selected Legumes, Roots, Tubers, and Other Cereals, October to December 2021

This quarterly market report was developed by researchers at IFPRI Malawi with the goal of providing clear and accurate information on the variation of weekly and monthly retail prices of selected agricultural commodities that are important for food...

Marketing and Trade
Postharvest Losses And The Impact Of Reusable Plastic Container Technology On Profitability: Evidence From Tomato Traders In Nigeria

Postharvest loss is a major challenge in food production and supply chains in developing countries. Using primary data from fresh tomato traders in Lagos, Nigeria, and endogenous switching econometric modelling, this study investigates the effects of...

Marketing and Trade
Vegetable Value Chains During the COVID- 19 Pandemic in Ethiopia: Evidence from Cascading Value Chain Surveys Before and During the Pandemic

We combine in-person survey data collected in February 2020 (i.e., just before the pandemic was declared) with phone survey data collected in March 2021 (i.e., one year into the pandemic) and August 2021 (i.e., approximately 18 months into the pa...

Marketing and Trade
South Africa - Agricultural Sector.
South AfricaInternational trade administration

South Africa is one of the most advanced and diverse economies in Africa. With a population of almost 60 million people, it is an attractive business destination due to its growing market and welcoming business environment. South Africa also serves...

Marketing and Trade
Egypt's Agricultural Exports Hit New High Despite Covid-19
EgyptEgypt State Information Service (Cairo)

Egyptian agricultural exports hit a new record high, exceeding 5.6 million tons between January 1 and December 31, compared to 5,153,376 tons last year, despite the global coronavirus crisis. Citrus fruits made up the largest share of exports by 805...

Marketing and Trade
Nigeria Can Earn N1trn From Cassava Exports, but it is Falling Behind -PIND
NigeriaArinze Nwafor

Nigeria has the potential to generate $427.3 million from domestic value-addition and earn N1 trillion ($2.98 billion) from agricultural exports of cassava per annum, Executive Director of the Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta...

Marketing and Trade
Ethiopia Exports
EthiopiaTrading Economics

Exports in Ethiopia increased to 1176.90 USD Million in the second quarter of 2021 from 883.10 USD Million in the first quarter of 202. Ethiopia main exports are gold (21 percent of total exports) and coffee (19 percent). Others include: live animal...

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