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marketing and trade (48 Results)
Marketing and Trade
Price Predictors In An Extended Hedonic Regression Framework: An Application To Wholesale Cattle Markets In Ethiopia

Livestock markets influence income generation for producers, but also accessibility and affordability of highly nutritious animal-sourced foods for consumers. Despite their importance, the functioning of livestock markets in lower-income countries is...

Marketing and Trade
Measuring Consumption Over The Phone: Evidence From A Survey Experiment In Urban Ethiopia

The paucity of reliable, timely household consumption data in many low- and middle-income countries have made it difficult to assess how global poverty has evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic. Standard poverty measurement requires collecting househo...

Marketing and Trade
IFPRI Malawi Monthly Maize Market Report

The reports are intended as a resource for those interested in maize markets in Malawi, namely producers, traders, consumers, policy makers, and other agricultural stakeholders.

Marketing and Trade
Increasing Women’s Access To Productive USE OF ENERGY FOR Agriculture: A Roadmap For Developing A Market-Focused Gender Strategy
All CountriesUSAID

This roadmap is a step-by-step guide for off-grid clean energy companies to identify and adopt strategies to serve female customers more effectively. The roadmap was developed by the Power Africa Off-grid Project following a pilot with GDC member Sim...

Marketing and Trade
Africa Agriculture Trade Monitor 2019
All CountriesIFPRI

The second annual Africa Agriculture Trade Monitor assesses emerging and long-term trends and drivers shaping Africa’s trade in agricultural products and evaluates the possible impacts of current trade tensions. The 2019 report focuses on intraregion...

Marketing and Trade
Market Intelligence For Informing Crop-Breeding Decisions By CGIAR And NARES
All CountriesJason Donovan, Peter Coaldrake, Pieter Rutsaert, M...

Crop breeding by the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), in partnership with national agricultural research and extension systems (NARES) and privately owned seed companies, forms the backbone of the research and develo...

Marketing and Trade
Women’s Participation In Wood-Based Value Chains In VPA-Implementing Countries. MALEBI: Women At The Forefront Of Sustainable Charcoal Production In Côte d'Ivoire
Cote d'IvoireBottaro, M.

This brief describes the constraints as well as opportunities of women in the wood-based supply chain, from a case study that focuses on The Association of Women Producers and Traders of Secondary Forest Products (MALEBI) in Côte d’Ivoire. Within the...

Marketing and Trade
The New Value Of Procurement
All CountriesRamon Colomina, Kristin Ruehle, Daniel Vollath, Al...

The supply chain procurement function has a big opportunity to take a leading role in addressing some of the most challenging issues organizations face today. Unethical labor practices. Getting to net-zero emissions. Recruiting top talent. Enabling u...

Marketing and Trade
Labelling And Certification Schemes For Indigenous Peoples' Foods
All CountriesFAO, Alliance of Bioversity International, CIAT

This review, for the first time to date, analyses the potential of labelling and certification schemes for Indigenous Peoples to market their food products. Specifically, it looks at those schemes that are designed by, with and for Indigenous Peoples...

Marketing and Trade
Agricultural Cooperatives, Responsible Sourcing And Risk-Based Due Diligence
All CountriesFAO

The objective of this technical paper is to consider how agricultural cooperatives in developing and transitional economies can help reduce adverse environmental, social and development impacts in global agricultural value chains (GVCs), including th...

Marketing and Trade
Galvanizing Smallholder Farmers To Access New Markets Through High Quality Vegetable Seeds

The demand for high-quality vegetables in Tanzania has steadily increased over the past decade as incomes and urbanization have increased. According to the Tanzania Official Seed Certification (TOSCI), more than half of the 60 registered seed compan...

Marketing and Trade
Gendered Barriers And Opportunities In Kenya's Informal Dairy Sector: Enhancing Gender-Equity In Urban Markets
KenyaAlessandra Galiè, Nelly Njiru, Jessica Heckert, Em...

Informal milk trading in peri-urban Nairobi plays a key role in supporting both livelihoods and nutrition, particularly among poor households. Gender dynamics affect who is involved in and benefits from milk trading. To better understand gendered con...

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