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training and capacity building (38 Results)
Training and Capacity Building
2SCALE: Attracting the Youth to Agribusiness
North AfricaT. Ogunsanmi

This paper provides examples of how 2SCALE tackled youth inclusion in its partnerships. 2SCALE has been experimenting with various options to support young producers and entrepreneurs in the agribusiness sector. Making agriculture interesting to yout...

Training and Capacity Building
Transforming the Ugandan Maize System
UgandaE. Tugendhat

This case study looks at a proof of concept for modernising the traditional small farmer system and bringing it into the supply chain of a larger company, through an organisational model that is both commercially viable and sustainable.

Training and Capacity Building
The Narrative on Rural Youth and Economic Opportunities in Africa: Facts, Myths and Gaps
Central African Republic (CAR)Athur Mabiso, Rui Benfica

A narrative on rural youth in Africa has continued to evolve in policy circles around the world. Much of it is driven by population statistics that point to an imminent youth bulge in Africa and concerns about economic stagnation for the continent...

Training and Capacity Building
Promoting Aquaculture and Employment in Liberia

Decades of turmoil and civil conflict have had a crippling effect on Liberia’s agricultural sector, and increasingly rapid growth in youth migration to urban areas has led to high youth unemployment and urban poverty. Agriculture is the sector with t...

Training and Capacity Building
An Innovation Systems Approach to Capacity Development: Insights from Learning Exercises with the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Livestock Systems in Ethiopia

This report details the project’s engagement with the FTF Innovation Lab for Livestock Systems, led by UFL, and its Livestock Innovation Platform in Ethiopia, led by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI). The engagement&mdash...

Training and Capacity Building
Role of Men in a Women’s Empowerment Initiative: Evidence from Uganda
UgandaKate Ambler, Kelly Jones, Michael O’Sullivan

Women’s empowerment is a significant element of economic development (Duflo 2012). Because most women in the developing world reside in male-headed households, considering the role of men in advancing women’s empowerment is an importan...

Training and Capacity Building
Overcoming the Hurdles of Growth: The Role of the CEO in Building a High-Performance Organization and Aligning Teams
All CountriesCindy Praeger

How do you grow and add more people without losing the strong sense of unity and common purpose that got you here in the first place?

Training and Capacity Building
Scale Up! Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Investment in Kenya
KenyaAnton Root, Head of Research (AlliedCrowds)

All over the world, entrepreneurship is increasingly being recognised as a key driver of job creation and economic growth. Successful entrepreneurs are celebrated as luminaries, and the entrepreneurial mantra of accepting and learning from failure i...

Training and Capacity Building
Growing inclusive agri-food value chains benefitting African famers and SMEs- African Agribusiness Development Programme Toolkit
Sub-Saharan AfricaMarije Boomsma, Remco Mur, Ellen Mangnus (Royal Tr...

African Agribusiness Supplier Development Programme As part of its mandate, UNDP’s African Facility for Inclusive Markets (AFIM), has developed an African Agribusiness Supplier Development Programme (AASDP) in support of the AU and CAADP’s agricul...

Training and Capacity Building
Women’s Empowerment, Agricultural Extension, and Digitalization: Disentangling Information and Role Model Effects in Rural Uganda
UgandaEls Lecoutere David J., Spielman and Bjorn Van Cam...

In many developing countries, agricultural extension services are generally biased towards men, with information targeted mainly to male members of a farming household and in formats that are rarely tailored to female members. Nevertheless, female f...

Training and Capacity Building
Farmers’ Willingness to Pay for Improved Agricultural Technologies: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Tanzania
TanzaniaApurba Shee, Carlo Azzarri and Beliyou Haile

Initiatives on the sustainable intensification of agriculture have introduced improved technologies tailored to farmers’ local conditions by trial demonstration with free provision of improved seeds and fertilizers. It is not clear, though, whether s...

Training and Capacity Building
Can Ethiopia feed itself by 2050 -Estimating cereal self-sufficiency to 2050
EthiopiaTesfaye, Kindie Ittersum, Martin K. van Wiebe, Kei...

Producing adequate food to meet global demand by 2050 is widely recognized as a major challenge, particularly for sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) (Godfray et al. 2010; Alexandratos and Bruinsma 2012; van Ittersum et al. 2016). Increased price volatility of...

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