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Measuring the Coverage of Nutrition Interventions Along the Continuum of Care: Time to Act at Scale
West AfricaStuart Gillespie, Purnima Menon, Rebecca Heidkamp,...

The global community is committed to addressing malnutrition. And yet, coverage data for high-impact interventions along the continuum of care remain scarce due to several measurement and data collection challenges. In this analysis paper, we iden...

Research and Development
Youth in Agriculture
NigeriaSahel Consulting Agriculture & Nutrition

Agriculture presents a unique opportunity for African youth, not only because it is the largest contributor to GDP in most African countries, but also because it continues to experience significant growth. However, youth remain uninterested in agric...

Research and Development
Direct and Residual Effects of Different Levels of Chicken Manure Fertilization on the Growth and Biomass Production of Brachiaria ruziziensis (Poaceae) at the Bolting in West Cameroon
CameroonGilles Jiope Azangue, Fernand Tendonkeng, François...

The direct and residual effects of different levels of chicken manure fertilization on the growth and biomass production of B. ruziziensis at the bolting were studied in West Cameroon. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of differ...

Mobile Phones, Nutrition, and Agriculture in Ghana: Cost-Effectiveness Baseline Report
GhanaSimon Batchelor, Jennifer Sharp & Nigel Scott

This is the baseline report for the cost-effectiveness analysis of the Vodafone Farmers Club, Ghana, a ValueAdded Service supported by a grant from GSMA as a part of the mNutrition programme. mNutrition is a global initiative supported by DFID, or...

Gender Equity Grants
Sub-Saharan AfricaRoot Capital

Rural women often face gendered barriers that limit their ability to be productive, control assets and incomes, and benefit equitably from their hard work. In 2016, Root Capital began disbursing Gender Equity Grants to client agricultural businesses...

Research and Development
Ghana's Systematic Map to Guide Decision Making

The West Africa Region has been one of the slowest in reducing its many burdens of malnutrition. The World Health Assembly’s (WHA) 2025 nutrition targets were developed to track countries’ nutritional situations, and measure progress i...

Research and Development
Safi Organics: Empowering Smallholder Farmers in Kenya Through an Agricultural Circular Economy, SEED Case Study Series
KenyaC. Meyer, M. Cardif

Case study on Safi Organics, one of the largest producers of rice in Kenya. The company aims to reverse declining agricultural yields, improve the income and food security of local farmers, and provide opportunities for local youth.

Research and Development
Unique Quality Product Enterprise: Empowering Marginalized Women in Ghana through Reviving the Cultivation of Indigenous Crops
GhanaC. Meyer, M. Cardiff

Case study on Unique Quality Product Enterprise (UQE). UQE’s business model is based on a market-leading approach to promote the production and processing of the cereal grain fonio. Fonio was once a major food crop across West Africa and is...

Country Data Profile – Guinea Bissau
Guinea BissauTransform Nutrition West Africa

This data profile from Transform Nutrition West Africa on Guinea Bissau aims to: Summarize all available primary data sources and secondary data aggregation platforms for key nutrition indicators representative at the national level. Assess the id...

Agrodealer and Inputs
Making Cocoa Farming More Sustainable And Profitable Through Access To Credit For Productivity Inputs
Cote d'IvoireThe Sustainable Trade Initiative

To support the cocoa sector and help smallholder cocoa farmers in Côte d’Ivoire access needed credit, IDH, Barry Callebaut and IFC entered into a risk sharing partnership of USD 9 million to cover up to 103,000 smallholder cocoa farmers in Cote d’Ivo...

Agri-Tech and Digital Services
Byte by Byte: Policy Innovation for Transforming Africa’s Food System with Digital Technologies
North AfricaMalabo Montpellier Panel

The current report — Byte by byte: policy innovation for transforming Africa’s food system with digital technologies— summarizes the key findings of a systematic analysis of what seven African countries at the forefront of progre...

Unlocking the Palm Oil Potential in West Africa
NigeriaSahel Consulting Agriculture & Nutrition

Indigenous to West Africa, oil palm is an important crop for both industrial, retail and consumer markets. In 2013, West Africa’s palm oil output was 2.2 million metric tons (MT), which accounts for only 3.5% of global output. Today, the demand for p...

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