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South-South In Action
All CountriesFAO; United Nations Office Of South-South Cooperat...

This publication outlines key features of South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC) and how FAO has applied SSTC to the delivery of its mission. The case studies presented provide a window on how SSTC has contributed to alleviating hunger and mal...

Marketing and Trade
Labelling And Certification Schemes For Indigenous Peoples' Foods
All CountriesFAO, Alliance of Bioversity International, CIAT

This review, for the first time to date, analyses the potential of labelling and certification schemes for Indigenous Peoples to market their food products. Specifically, it looks at those schemes that are designed by, with and for Indigenous Peoples...

Food Safety
Country Gender Assessment Of The Agriculture And Rural Sector: Egypt

The purpose of the Country Gender Assessment of Agriculture and the Rural Sector (CGA-ARS) is to expand the evidence base on gender, agriculture, rural development, food security and nutrition, and inform the programming of the Food and Agriculture O...

Food Safety
Bioenergy And Food Security (BEFS) Assessment – Seychelles

A sustainable and stable energy supply is essential for a country’s stability and wellbeing. Seychelles, like many small island developing states (SIDS), currently depends on imported energy, in the form of fossil fuels. The high dependence on fossil...

Training and Capacity Building
FAO E-Learning Academy: Major Achievements For 2021
All CountriesFAO

This publication describes the activities and initiatives implemented by the elearning Academy in 2021. 2021 was an exceptionally productive and successful year with over 700 000 learners throughout the world, more than 90 FAO multilingual elearning...

Good Emergency Management Practice: The Essentials
All CountriesGary, F., Clauss, M., Bonbon, E., Myers, L.

Animal health emergencies are evolving, but they remain among the most challenging situations a country can confront. Infectious diseases and other threats have increasing potential to spread rapidly within a country or around the world due to growin...

Policy and Advocacy
Science, Practice, And Policy Expert Dialogue On Food Systems And Resilience
All CountriesFAO, World Agroforestry

Building and expanding upon the Science, Practice and Policy Expert Dialogue of the 2021 RFS Annual Workshop, This brief focuses on a range of practical strategies to translate international agendas into field and policy programmes. Numerous high-...

On-Farm Production (crops, livestock)
Onto The Farm, Into The Home: How Intrahousehold Gender Dynamics Shape Land Restoration In Eastern Kenya
KenyaMary Crossland, Ana Maria Paez Valencia, Tim Pagel...

While attention has been paid largely to forest restoration, meeting global land restoration pledges will require scalingup restoration of ecosystem services on agricultural land. This paper contributes to the literature on restoration practice and a...

Marketing and Trade
Agricultural Cooperatives, Responsible Sourcing And Risk-Based Due Diligence
All CountriesFAO

The objective of this technical paper is to consider how agricultural cooperatives in developing and transitional economies can help reduce adverse environmental, social and development impacts in global agricultural value chains (GVCs), including th...

Marketing and Trade
Galvanizing Smallholder Farmers To Access New Markets Through High Quality Vegetable Seeds

The demand for high-quality vegetables in Tanzania has steadily increased over the past decade as incomes and urbanization have increased. According to the Tanzania Official Seed Certification (TOSCI), more than half of the 60 registered seed compan...

Food Safety
WFP Strategic Plan 2022-25
All CountriesWFP

WFP’s Strategic Plan (2022-2025) sets the organization’s course for the next four years – outlining the many ways for WFP, working in synergy with others, to most efficiently and effectively save and change lives. It is grounded within renewed global...

Food Safety
Global Food Security Crisis And The Impact Of The War In Ukraine
All CountriesMadhur Gautam, The World Bank, Agriculture and Foo...

Six months later, the war in Ukraine rages on, with devastating effects on the prices of food, fuel and fertilizer. The war has supercharged the longer-term trends driving up poverty and hunger, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change. A sli...

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