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The Impact of Climate Change on Food Security and Malnutrition in the Sahel Region of Cameroon
CameroonElvis Chabejong Nkwetta

Climate change has direct and indirect impact on human health. The indirect impact includes Malnutrition caused by food insecurity. The population of the Sahel region of Cameroon continuously experiences an increasing level of malnutrition, partly du...

Traceability of food products in Morocco
MoroccoM. Sobh, H. Elgharbaoui, A. Fadli, R. Bengueddour

Traceability is a tool for production management and planning of the food chain that adapts to the rules of the market. In this work we have shown how traceability has supported a system that can respond quickly to any health crisis throughout the fo...

On-Farm Production (crops, livestock)
Gathered food plants in the Northern of Morocco
MoroccoHasnae Bensbih, Mohammed Ater

Gathered food plants are not domesticated species, but consumed by the local populations. Besides the food and economic interest, they have an important socio cultural value as traditional knowledge. An ethnobotanic study was done to contribute to th...

On-Farm Production (crops, livestock)
Unsustainable vs. Sustainable Hunting for Food in Gabon: Modeling Short- and Long-Term Gains and Losses
MoroccoDavid S. Wilkie, Michelle Wieland, John R. Poulsen

Today, rural people continue to consume wild animals (aquatic and terrestrial) because they are often cheaper and more available than farmed livestock and fish. In many places where the meat from wild animals is an important source of food and income...

Research and Development
Ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants in the Adrar Province, Mauritania
MauritaniaCheikh Yebouk, Fatima Zahrae Redouan, Guillermo Be...

Ethnopharmacological relevance: Mauritania is a country in which few ethnobotanical studies have been conducted and consequently the ethnomedical data is scarce. Since the geographical region reflects the transition between tropical and Northern Afri...

Research and Development
Agriculture, food and jobs in West Africa

This paper quantifies and describes the structure of employment in the food economy across four broad segments of activities: agriculture, processing, marketing and food-away-from home. It also examines some of the emerging spatial implications, in p...

The role of Nigerian agriculture in West African food security
Dr. Raphael O. Babatunde

Ensuring food security remains a major challenge confronting West African countries1. Though food production has increased in the recent past, the region as a whole is not likely to meet the first Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of halving the numb...

Staatz, J. and F. Hollinger

Fueled by a burgeoning population, urbanisation and income growth, West African food demand is rapidly transforming, with striking increases in total quantities demanded, growing preference for convenience, diversification of diets towards more per...

Training and Capacity Building
Growing inclusive agri-food value chains benefitting African famers and SMEs- African Agribusiness Development Programme Toolkit
Marije Boomsma, Remco Mur, Ellen Mangnus (Royal Tr...

African Agribusiness Supplier Development Programme As part of its mandate, UNDP’s African Facility for Inclusive Markets (AFIM), has developed an African Agribusiness Supplier Development Programme (AASDP) in support of the AU and CAADP’s agricul...

Marketing and Trade
Agricultural Value-added Services (Agri VAS) Toolkit 2.0 How to design, develop and market next generation VAS for the rural market
Daniele Tricarico (GSMA mNutrition) with the suppo...

With over two billion people in the world living in smallholder settlements and depending on agriculture as their main source of income, boosting agricultural productivity has never been more important. However, for smallholder farmers in the develop...

Research and Development
Integrated Water Management in Tunisia: Meeting the Climate Change Challenges
TunisiaNizar Dr. Omrani, Mohamed Ouessar

As a southern Mediterranean country, Tunisia is located under an irregular climate. With a mean annual rainfall of 230 mm, the country sustains a water scarcity context. While the present annual water resource average is estimated to be 450 m3 per ca...

On-Farm Production (crops, livestock)
Land conflicts and land tenure effects on agriculture productivity in Chad
ChadDjimoudjiel Djekonbe, Tchoffo TAMEKO Gautier

The objective of this article is to measure the extent of land conflicts and climate change on agricultural and yields in the most conflict-prone regions in Chad. By analyzing data from 2000 to 2017 thanks to OLS, we obtained the results that the int...

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