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Creating Scalable, Engaging Mobile Solutions for Agriculture – A Study of Six Content Service in mNutrition Initiative by GSMA
GhanaT. Palmer, N. Darabian

This report provides analysis and key findings on the set-up and implementation of the mAgri mNutrion Initiative by GSMA. It provides insights to the design and impact of the services, with key considerations for existing service providers or those l...

Research and Development
Maximising the Impact of Outgrowers Schemes – Opportunities, Challenges, and Lessons from the AECF
Sub-Saharan AfricaT. Hobden, T. Sands

This learning paper reviews the experience of out-grower projects funded by the AECF. Outgrower schemes are formed around an agreement between a smallholder farmer and a contracting company who makes a pre-harvest commitment to buy their produce. It...

Training and Capacity Building
How Digitizing Agricultural Input Payments in Rural Kenya is Tackling Poverty: The Case of One Acre Fund
KenyaBetter Than Cash Alliance

This case study features an examination of the non-profit organization One Acre Fund, which teaches better crop management techniques and provides inputs on credit, like seed and fertilizer, to smallholder farmers throughout East Africa. The case stu...

Training and Capacity Building
2SCALE: Attracting the Youth to Agribusiness
North AfricaT. Ogunsanmi

This paper provides examples of how 2SCALE tackled youth inclusion in its partnerships. 2SCALE has been experimenting with various options to support young producers and entrepreneurs in the agribusiness sector. Making agriculture interesting to yout...

Trade Facilitation and Agro-commodity Exchange
Growth With Resilience: Opportunities in African Agriculture
Central African Republic (CAR)Agriculture for Impact

The report aims to inform discussions related to key policy events in 2012 and will look broadly at agriculture’s role in supporting green growth, food and nutrition security, ecosystem services and climate change mitigation and adaptation, among oth...

Research and Development
No Ordinary Matter: Conserving, Restoring and Enhancing Africa’s Soils
Sub-Saharan AfricaDr. Katrin Glatzel

In sub-Saharan Africa, an estimated 65 per cent of soils are degraded, and unable to nourish the crops the chronically food insecure continent requires. Poverty, climate change, population pressures and inadequate farming techniques are leading to...

Competitive Industry Breakfast Meeting
NigeriaSahel Consulting Agriculture & Nutrition

It was an engaging and inspiring session with industry stakeholders at the Competitive Industry Breakfast Meeting on Agriculture and Nutrition hosted by Sahel Consulting Agriculture and Nutrition Limited on Tuesday, 8th October, during the 25th Niger...

Research and Development
At the Heart of Impact Measurement: Listening to Customers – Poultry Feed Production in Ghana
GhanaA. Speyer, M. Ripley, T. Adams

This brief on data looks at Agricare, a Ghanaian-owned animal feed producer. The publication shares practical guidance on how to use customer centricity to meet data collection needs for both business and social performance measurement. Researchers a...

Research and Development
Better Business, Better World – Sustainable Business Opportunities in Africa
Sub-Saharan AfricaBusiness and Sustainable Development Commission

This publication outlines how the SDGs offer a compelling growth strategy for African business, pointing to an economic prize of at least US$1.1 trillion by 2030 for the African private sector and the potential to create 85 million new jobs. The repo...

Training and Capacity Building
Transforming the Ugandan Maize System
UgandaE. Tugendhat

This case study looks at a proof of concept for modernising the traditional small farmer system and bringing it into the supply chain of a larger company, through an organisational model that is both commercially viable and sustainable.

Research and Development
The Earth Security Report 2017 Sustainable Development Goals for Business Diplomacy Growth
Sub-Saharan AfricaA. Litovsky, M. Hill Clarvis, R. Bilgrami et. al.

The Earth Security Report 2017 provides a roadmap for global business to align their growth to the demands for social inclusion and environmental security that are defining the countries in which they operate, whilst navigating the risks and opportun...

Women’s Economic Participation in B’ayoba

This case study examines the level of women’s participation in B’Ayoba in Zimbabwe, a grantee of Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF). It finds that women have been the primary beneficiaries of the project.

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