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Financial Services
Agri-SME Finance: Navigating Volatility In The Wake Of The War In Ukraine
All CountriesSAFIN, IFC, IFAD

This learning brief summarizes the challenges, opportunities, and responses of agri-SMEs, financiers and development partners to the current food crisis, as described in our recent learning event hosted on 06 July 2022. It details the recent innovat...

Marketing and Trade
Gendered Barriers And Opportunities In Kenya's Informal Dairy Sector: Enhancing Gender-Equity In Urban Markets
KenyaAlessandra Galiè, Nelly Njiru, Jessica Heckert, Em...

Informal milk trading in peri-urban Nairobi plays a key role in supporting both livelihoods and nutrition, particularly among poor households. Gender dynamics affect who is involved in and benefits from milk trading. To better understand gendered con...

Food Safety
Assessing The Impacts Of The COVID-19 Pandemic On The Livelihoods Of Rural People
All CountriesSitko, N., Knowles M., Viberti, F., Bordi, D.

In this paper we focus specifically on differences in the welfare impacts of COVID-19 on rural livelihoods between countries using nationally representative data that we disaggregate by food system typology. This typology captures key structural diff...

Climate Change
A Rapid Review Of Effective Financing For Policy, Implementation And Partnerships Addressing Drought Risks
All CountriesKing, C., Salman, M., Tsegai, D., Naqvi, M.

The report presents an overview of current knowledge and thinking concerning the effectiveness of three distinct layers of financing that set out to address drought risks in different ways. For each of these, results are conceptualized and measured i...

Climate Change
GAIN Interview Cruncher - How Climate Change Threatens Nutrition And Food Security – And What We Can Do About It?
All CountriesShiulie Ghosh

As part of GAIN’s new series on climate change and nutrition and why they need each other. From plant growth to crop yields, it's clear that our food security is being challenged on multiple fronts: high temperatures drought, flooding, they are all t...

Agri-Food News and Media
Food Security Monitor - July 2022
All CountriesAGRA

AGRA’s Food Security Monitor provides an overview assessment of the food security outlook in AGRA focus countries in East, West and Southern Africa, considering the movement of prices of main food staples and government interventions that impact on d...

Agri-Food News and Media
A Documentation & Celebration of West African Food & Drink Knowledge & Heritage
All CountriesFeast Afrique

Feast Afrique is a celebration of West African culinary heritage curated by Ozoz Sokoh - The Kitchen Butterfly.

Food Business
The Next Chipotle: Removing Barriers To Getting African Cuisine Into Mainstream America
All CountriesRuth Nakaar

Problems associated with American - West African cuisine such as limited options for modern African cuisine existing in the U.S. and the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the traditional full-service restaurant model. FUDENA West African Eats helps pro...

Food Business
Africa’s Contribution To Global Food
All CountriesEd Mabaya, Ph.D

Global spread of African cuisine Africa’s Contribution to Global Food is widely evolving and its evident in the global spread of African cuisine across countries such as Brazil, United States, Haiti, France, Jamaica, Mexico, Italy, United Kingdom, Tr...

Marketing and Trade
The Role Of African Governments In Supporting African Food Exports
NigeriaTemitope Jebutu

Over 90% of the processed food that is consumed in Nigeria is imported, even though 60% of the population is engaged in agriculture. Not unconnected, over 55% of household income is spent on food. 20-50% of grains, herbs, fruits, and vegetables are w...

Transportation and Logistics
Aviation As An Accelerator For Food Tourism And Logistics
All CountriesAdefunke Adeyemi

Aviation connects African businesses to African and World markets. It is critical to the eceonomies of landlocked countries. Aviation serves as Africa’s lifeline and accelerator for food tourism and logistics with over 1.2 billion people, young and g...

Food Business
Getting African Food Products on Global Grocery Shelves
All CountriesEhime Eigbe-Akindele

Sweetkiwi is a mission driven brand that makes the best tasting dairy based food products using real milk sourced from local farmers and real ingredients with a focus on impacting the dairy agricultural sector in the various markets we operate in

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