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Climate Change
Crop Monitor For Early Warning
All CountriesCrop monitor

In East Africa, harvest finalized for secondary Belg crops in Ethiopia under poor conditions, and conditions are mixed for Meher season cereals due to rainfall deficits, flooding, and ongoing insecurity. In the south of the subregion, dry conditions...

Agri-Tech and Digital Services
The Future of Africa's Agriculture: An Assessment of the Role of Youth and Technology
All CountriesHeifer

There is a transformation going on in the agricultural sector in Africa. Technology has been at the heart of these transformations and several innovations have emerged to cause a radical change in the Agricultural sector. Innovations have emerged to...

Marketing and Trade
Formal and Informal Contract Farming in Mozambique : Socially Embedded Relations of Agricultural Intensification
MozambiqueGert Jan Veldwisch, Philip Woodhouse

This paper explores the role of contract farming arrangements in agricultural intensification in sub-Saharan Africa, combining secondary literature and original case material from Mozambique. The paper extends the scope of “contract farming” beyond t...

Policy and Advocacy
Nature's Solutions: Policy Innovations and Opportunities for Africa’s Bioeconomy
All CountriesMeera Shah, Mahamadou Tankari, Sarah Lewis

This report by the Malabo Montpellier Panel shows that countries in Africa can leverage their knowledge and biological resources to develop sustainable bioeconomies to provide products, processes, and services that optimize social, economic, and envi...

Policy and Advocacy
The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2022
All CountriesUnited Nations

The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2022 provides a global overview of progress on implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, using the latest available data and estimates. It tracks the global and regional progress towards the 17...

Research and Development
2022 Africa Agribusiness Outlook
All CountriesAGRA, KPMG, PIATA, BMGF, USAID and Rockefeller Fou...

This report builds on the inaugural 2020 Africa Agribusiness Outlook and presents the results of our conversations across the ecosystem. We increased the number of key countries for our one-on-one interviews and improved the online survey to cover ne...

Agri-Tech and Digital Services
ICT And Agricultural Sector Performance: Empirical Evidence From Sub-Saharan Africa
All CountriesLukman O. Oyelami, Nurudeen Afolabi Sofoluwe and O...

ICT infrastructure is considered crucial to performance and overall development of many sectors in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Yet, there exists insufficient evidence on the effect of ICT on agriculture real output and export performance in the African...

Connecting The Food And Agriculture Sector To Nutrition Interventions For Improved Health Outcomes
All CountriesT. Roberton, F. Knight, J. Haines, S. Vosti, E. D....

To achieve the Sustainable Development Goal of zero hunger, multi-sectoral strategies to improve nutrition are necessary. Building towards this goal, the food and agriculture sector must be considered when designing nutritional interventions. Neverth...

Climate Change
Crop Prospects and Food Situation
All CountriesFAO

FAO assesses that globally 44 countries, including 33 in Africa are in need of external assistance for food. Conditions are projected to worsen significantly in West Africa, due to conflicts, high food prices and reduced harvests, while the situation...

Food Safety
A Blueprint For Strengthening Food System Resilience In West Africa
All CountriesFAO, World Bank, CGIAR, CILSS, ECOWAS, CORAF and C...

This report provides an overview of food system resilience in West Africa, examining three mutually reinforcing and interconnected priority areas for intervention at the region; Strengthening the Sustainability of the Food System’s Productive Base: C...

Food Business
Positioning Nigeria As Africa's Leader In Maize Production For AfCFTA

With a total production of 11 MMT, Nigeria is arguably Africa’s second largest producer of maize after South Africa. Ethiopia occupied the third-place position on the chart of largest producers of maize in Africa. Together, the three countries (i.e.,...

The State Of Food Security And Nutrition In The World 2022

We are now only eight years away from 2030, but the distance to reach many of the SDG 2 targets is growing wider each year. There are indeed efforts to make progress towards SDG 2, yet they are proving insufficient in the face of a more challenging a...

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