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agri-tech and digital services (38 Results)
Agri-Tech and Digital Services
Smallholder Irrigation Technology Diffusion In Mali: Insights From Stakeholder Mapping
MaliHoueto, Dede Aduayom., Diamoutene, Abdoul K., Diop...

Small-scale irrigation has significant potential to increase crop productivity in Mali, in particular given growing climate change impacts on the country and region. While large-scale development is substantial, small, private irrigation remains limi...

Agri-Tech and Digital Services
The Future of Africa's Agriculture: An Assessment of the Role of Youth and Technology
All CountriesHeifer

There is a transformation going on in the agricultural sector in Africa. Technology has been at the heart of these transformations and several innovations have emerged to cause a radical change in the Agricultural sector. Innovations have emerged to...

Agri-Tech and Digital Services
ICT And Agricultural Sector Performance: Empirical Evidence From Sub-Saharan Africa
All CountriesLukman O. Oyelami, Nurudeen Afolabi Sofoluwe and O...

ICT infrastructure is considered crucial to performance and overall development of many sectors in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Yet, there exists insufficient evidence on the effect of ICT on agriculture real output and export performance in the African...

Agri-Tech and Digital Services
Incorporating Male Sterility Increases Hybrid Maize Yield In Low Input African Farming Systems
All CountriesSarah Collinson, Esnath Hamdziripi, Hugo De Groote...

Maize is a staple crop in sub-Saharan Africa, but yields remain sub-optimal. Improved breeding and seed systems are vital to increase productivity. We describe a hybrid seed production technology that will benefit seed companies and farmers. This tec...

Agri-Tech and Digital Services
State Of Blockchain In Africa unpacked
All CountriesFast Company

Breakthroughs in advanced technologies; the proliferation of blockchain across industries; and the pressing issues of sustainability and Intellectual Property (IP) are fast becoming the most valuable commodities of the information age.

Agri-Tech and Digital Services
Status Of Digital Agriculture In 47 Sub-Saharan African Countries
All CountriesFAO, ITU

The report is composed of 47 desk-based country case studies against six thematic focal areas, the aim of which is to present a snapshot of the status of digital agriculture in each country. This is followed by highlights of the main findings of the...

Agri-Tech and Digital Services
Health Innovations: How Inclusive Business Models Are Making Health Accessible For All
All CountriesiBAN

Health has been top of mind for most people around the globe during the last two years, as the Covid-19 pandemic upended daily life and critical systems. Beyond Covid-19, the world is facing a number of health crises exacerbated by poverty, including...

Agri-Tech and Digital Services, Agri-Food News and Media, Mechanization
The (Lost?) Promise of Genome Editing (And How to Rediscover the Promise)
All CountriesJim Gaffney

Cassava flower synchrony remains a challenge for cassava breeders. Progress has recently been made through sequencing and genome editing to ensure more consistent and synchronized flowering, allowing breeders to make the desired crosses.

Agri-Tech and Digital Services
Improving the Performance of Index Insurance Using Crop Models and Phenological Monitoring

Extreme weather events cause considerable damage to the livelihoods of smallholder farmers globally. Whilst index insurance can help farmers cope with the financial consequences of extreme weather, a major challenge for index insurance is basis risk,...

Agri-Tech and Digital Services
Credit Constraints and Adoption of Agricultural Technologies in Developing Countries? Evidence from Nigeria

The agricultural sector in Nigeria is characterized by low productivity, driven partly by low use of modern technologies. Poor access to credit is seen as a key barrier to adoption of these technologies. Policy discourse and literature often associat...

Agri-Tech and Digital Services
Remote Sensing and Machine Learning for Food Crop Production Data in Africa Post-COVID-19

The world is experiencing an unprecedented health crisis during the spread of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2, or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2). While the pandemic appears to be less severe on the African continent than in other geographic re...

Agri-Tech and Digital Services
Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Agricultural Extension in Developing Countries

Our study focuses on a narrow class of ICT products and services: technologies related to mobile phones, services, and networks; portable devices; web-based portals, tools, and applications; and the data and information shared through these products...

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