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climate change (100 Results)
Climate Change
Full Report: ADAPT: Policy Innovations To Unlock Climate Finance For Resilient Food Systems In Africa
All CountriesMalabo Montpellier Panel

For African countries to improve their preparedness, adapt to climate change, and build resilient food systems, they will require significant investment. Indeed, recognizing the imperative and urgency of the needs, several countries have already allo...

Climate Change
South Africa Country Climate And Development Report
South AfricaWorld Bank

South Africa's ambition is to build a more inclusive, resilient and sustainable economy. This ambition depends on the extent to which the country is able to shift from its heavy dependence on coal to low-carbon activities and to address the growing r...

Climate Change
Climate Change And Hunger: Estimating Costs Of Adaptation In The Agrifood System
All CountriesAuthors: Sulser, Timothy; Wiebe, Keith D.; Dunston...

This report assesses the cost of adaptation to climate change across a range of future climate scenarios and investment options. We focus on offsetting climate change impacts on hunger through investment in agricultural research, water management, an...

Climate Change
From Growth To Wellbeing
All CountriesGIZ

The devastating impacts of climate change, rising inequalities within and across countries, increasing fragility and global health emergencies demand a rethinking of socio-economic practices and systems that follow the economic growth paradigm. The w...

Climate Change
Climate Change, Biodiversity And Nutrition Nexus
All CountriesFAO

Humankind is facing a perfect storm of climate change, biodiversity loss, and multiple forms of malnutrition (stunting, wasting, micronutrient deficiencies, and obesity) coexisting in the same country, community, household, and even individual. Chall...

Climate Change
The Role Of Genetic Resources For Food And Agriculture In Adaptation To And Mitigation Of Climate Change
All CountriesFAO

As the pace of climate change is increasing, it is more important than ever to conserve, characterize and sustainably use genetic resources for food and griculture. Over millennia farmers, livestock keepers, fisherfolk and forest dwellers have adapte...

Climate Change
2022 - Anticipating Extreme Weather

Since 2019, WFP has been working with the Government of Mozambique to introduce anticipatory actions based on a forecast-based financing mechanism. Mozambique is improving its forecast systems to anticipate climate shocks and to prepare the Governmen...

Climate Change
Regenerative Grazing For Climate, Ecosystem, And Human Health
All CountriesCosta Ciniro., Escudero Arthur., Flintan Fiona E.,...

The brief is about the case study of two transformative land regeneration approaches developed in Africa: agroforestry and regenerative grazing management. These two approaches come together in silvopastoral systems - livestock grazing and browsing i...

Climate Change
Global Status Of Black Soils
All CountriesFAO

Black soils are carbon-rich and highly fertile soils known as the world's food basket due to the variability of crops they sustain. For decades, these fertile soils have been widely cultivated and have played a key role in global agricultural product...

Climate Change
Scaling Up Integrated Resilience In The Sahel
All CountriesWFP

This 3-pager provides an overview of WFP’s integrated resilience-building approach across the Sahel. It summarizes the latest key achievements and outcomes and gives an overview of partnerships and coalitions needed to achieve long-term change.

Climate Change
Enabling Private Investment In Climate Adaptation And Resilience : Current Status, Barriers To Investment And Blueprint For Action
All CountriesKerr, Lori., Neves, Philippe., Paladines, Cindy.,...

This report identifies ways to overcome key barriers to private sector investment in adaptation and resilience, laying out a coordinated and data-driven Blueprint for Action to help governments and their development partners to close the adaptation f...

Climate Change
The Trade And Climate Change Nexus : The Urgency And Opportunities For Developing Countries
All CountriesBrenton, Paul., Chemutai, Vicky

While trade exacerbates climate change, it is also a central part of the solution because it has the potential to enhance mitigation and adaptation. This timely report explores the different ways in which trade and climate change intersect. Trade con...

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