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climate change (100 Results)
Climate Change
Climate Change, Water Resources, And Irrigation Sustainability

Individual farmer investments have the potential to fill the gap in public investments and be more cost-effective than large-scale irrigation. However, this development primarily occurs outside of formal systems. Water depletion and declining water q...

Climate Change
Climate Shock Response And Resilience Of Smallholder Farmers In The Drylands

Climatic shocks are exerting pressure on livelihoods of Zimbabwe's smallholder farmer—who irrigate only 2% of their farms. The smallholder farmers in drought-prone areas are more exposed to drought because of their limited ability to cope with shocks...

Climate Change
Factors Associated Wth Farmers’ Use Of Indigenous And Scientific Climate Forecasts

This study investigated factors associated with farmers’ use of SFs and indigenous forecasts (IFs) for agricultural use in the Rwenzori region, western Uganda. Household survey gathered data on demographic characteristics, climate information use and...

Climate Change
Policy Innovations For Food Systems Transformation, Building Resilience And adapting To Climate Change
All CountriesMalabo Montpellier Panel

The wealth of evidence gathered in this report provides some answers to what needs to be done to achieve a food systems transformation in Africa that is sustainable, resilient, equitable, and in line with overall climate goals and ambitions.

Climate Change
Investing In Agriculture In The Climate Crisis
All CountriesMalabo Montpellier Panel

Smallholder farmers in Africa and Asia make very little contribution to global warming but are amongst the first to suffer the consequences of it. In this brief we provide insights for investors from the work of the CASA programme on investment oppor...

Climate Change
The Case for Adaptation: Building A Climate-resilient Agriculture In Africa
All CountriesSahel Consulting and African Food Changemakers (AF...

This quarterly aims to shed light on some of the key topics surrounding adaptation in the agribusiness sector in Africa. After giving an overall picture of the key issues at stake with adaptation, we take a closer look at the different solutions avai...

Climate Change
Investing In Agriculture In The Climate Crisis: Considerations For Investors And Businesses From The CASA Programme
All CountriesMalabo Montpellier Panel

In this brief we provide insights for investors from the work of the CASA programme on investment opportunities and enabling policies for tackling climate change and its impacts in agriculture.

Climate Change
Executive Summary – ADAPT: Policy Innovations To Unlock Climate Finance For Resilient Food Systems In Africa
All CountriesMalabo Montpellier Panel

For African countries to improve their preparedness, adapt to climate change, and build resilient food systems, there is a need for effective institutions and governance, innovation, and investments in environmentally sound technologies and infrastru...

Climate Change
Benin Case Study - ADAPt: Policy Innovations To Unlock Climate Finance For Resilient Food Systems In Africa.
BeninMalabo Montpellier Panel

The Government of Benin has demonstrated political leadership and strong stewardship to tackle the challenges presented by climate change to its economy and food systems.

Climate Change
Zimbabwe Case Study - ADAPT: Policy Innovations To Unlock Climate Finance For Resilient Food Systems In Africa
ZimbabweMalabo Montpellier Panel

Zimbabwe’s climate adaptation efforts in food systems are centered on reducing smallholder farmers’ vulnerability. To facilitate the uptake of climate-smart technologies andpractices, Zimbabwe has initiated institutional and policy reforms to attract...

Climate Change
Climate, Security And Food System In Kenya

This helps to understand how climate impacts food and nutritional security and how this in turn may affect peace and security is critical to “ending hunger through pursuing peace and unleashing the potential of sustainable food systems to enhance th...

Climate Change
Impact Investment In Agriculture In Africa: A Case study of Ethiopia, Sudan, Mali, and Senegal
All CountriesCGIAR

Climate change is a growing threat to agricultural production in sub-Saharan Africa, leading to rising poverty and malnutrition. Implementing climate smart agricultural practices at scale will require substantial investments from private and public a...

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