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policy and advocacy (83 Results)
Policy and Advocacy
Increase Gender-Responsive Investments In Africa's Agriculture For Inclusive Food Systems
All CountriesFARA

Women make significant contributions to the economy through their role as entrepreneurs, on-farm workers, employees, or through unpaid care work at home. Female farmers play a vital role in African agriculture, doing most of the work to produce, proc...

Policy and Advocacy
Reducing Food Loss And Waste: Five Challenges For Policy and Research
All CountriesAndrea Cattaneo., Marco V. Sanchez., Maximo Torero...

Despite broad agreement in policy circles on the need to reduce food loss and waste (FLW), considerable gaps in information still exist. This paper identifies policy-relevant information gaps, summarizes recent research that tries to fill these gaps...

Policy and Advocacy
Science, Practice, And Policy Expert Dialogue On Food Systems And Resilience
All CountriesFAO, World Agroforestry

Building and expanding upon the Science, Practice and Policy Expert Dialogue of the 2021 RFS Annual Workshop, This brief focuses on a range of practical strategies to translate international agendas into field and policy programmes. Numerous high-...

Policy and Advocacy
Nature's Solutions: Policy Innovations and Opportunities for Africa’s Bioeconomy
All CountriesMeera Shah, Mahamadou Tankari, Sarah Lewis

This report by the Malabo Montpellier Panel shows that countries in Africa can leverage their knowledge and biological resources to develop sustainable bioeconomies to provide products, processes, and services that optimize social, economic, and envi...

Policy and Advocacy
The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2022
All CountriesUnited Nations

The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2022 provides a global overview of progress on implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, using the latest available data and estimates. It tracks the global and regional progress towards the 17...

Policy and Advocacy
Getting Agricultural Support Right
MozambiqueWorld Bank

The 8th edition of the Mozambique Economic Update (MEU): Getting Agricultural Support Right focuses its analysis on the potential offered by agriculture to promote a sustainable and more inclusive recovery, and outlines reform options to realign agri...

Policy and Advocacy
Micronutrient Deficiencies In South Sudan
South SudanBenita Kayembe

This paper focuses on proposed intervention aimed at fighting micronutrient deficiencies to in increase micronutrient intake in South Sudan. The short-term goal is to provide micronutrient supplements to improve the health of recipients, and the long...

Policy and Advocacy
Feed Africa: Strategy For Agricultural Transformation In Africa 2016-2025
All CountriesAfrican Development Bank Group

The AfDB’s Feed Africa strategy has four specific goals: contribute to eliminating extreme poverty in Africa by 2025; end hunger and malnutrition in Africa by 2025; make Africa a net food exporter; and move Africa to the top of export‑orientated glob...

Policy and Advocacy
Agriculture & BRICS: Reforms And Resistance
South AfricaShwetha Govindan

This policy brief examines the status of food and agriculture in three of the BRICS nations – Brazil, South Africa and India to discuss the potential implications for future multilateral cooperation.

Policy and Advocacy
Scaling Up Investments In Agrifood Systems For Youth In Africa - What Policymakers Need To Know
All CountriesMaria Lee, Pamela Pozarny and Melisa Aytekin

Supporting agricultural interventions for youth requires a major increase in investment. The guidelines consider youth’s constraints, needs and aspirations to design investments, taking on board employment and empowerment in a holistic manner and in...

Policy and Advocacy, Research and Development, Nutrition
The Links between Food-Related Trade and Fiscal Policies and Obesity Rates in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Obesity and overweight are major public health problems strongly linked to high prevalence of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, which are projected to have an overall cost of almost $7 trillion in the next...

Policy and Advocacy
Repurposing Agricultural Policies and Support : Options to Transform Agriculture and Food Systems to Better Serve the Health of People, Economies, and the Planet
All CountriesGautam, Madhur Laborde, David Mamun, Abdullah Mart...

The report finds that repurposing a portion of government spending on agriculture each year to develop and disseminate more emission-efficient technologies for crops and livestock could reduce overall emissions from agriculture by more than 40 percen...

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