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Research and Development
The State of the World’s Forests 2018: Forest Pathways to Sustainable Development
All CountriesFAO

Achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, including the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), is a commitment made by countries to tackle the complex challenges we face, from ending poverty and hunger and responding to climate chan...

Research and Development
New horizons: Accelerating Sustainable Development through Inclusive Business in Kenya
KenyaBusiness Call to Action

As a global advocacy and leadership platorm, Business Call to Acton (BCtA) challenges companies to make measurable commitments towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through inclusive business models. If the SDGs are to be achieved by 20...

Research and Development
Africa Agriculture Status Report 2019: Hidden Middle
All CountriesAGRA

The Africa Agriculture Status Report of 2019 (PDF) by AGRA highlights the trends and progress, as well as challenges and constraints of private sector firms in the upstream and midstream/downstream off-farm components of the agri-food system. The...

Research and Development
Opportunities for Enhancing Production, Utilization and Marketing of Finger Millet in Africa
All CountriesRachel A Opole

The world is faced with the challenge to produce more food to feed a projected 9 billion people worldwide; including 2.5 billion in Africa. Just a few “mega-crops” currently feed the world, with rice, wheat and maize providing 60 perce...

Research and Development
The Food We Eat Here Weakens Us’: Food Practices and Health Beliefs Among Congolese Forced Migrants in South Africa – A Case Study of Yeoville in Johannesburg
South AfricaLakika DM and S Drimie

This study explores the cultural context and relationship between food, health, and illness amongst Congolese forced migrants in Johannesburg, South Africa. It specifically seeks to understand Congolese migrants’ perceptions of South African...

Research and Development
The Gambia Agriculture Engagement Note Fostering Agriculture-led Inclusive Growth.
GambiaWorld Bank

After a change of government in 2017, The Gambia is in the process of rebuilding a democratic country whose citizens enjoy fundamental freedoms and economic prosperity. The 22-years of repression by the previous regime affected economic growth of...

Research and Development
Agriculture and Growth Nexus in Gambia
GambiaBukhari Sillah

Agriculture is a major engine for the economic well-being of the Gambia. The successive governments from the colonial periods to the present have all recognized this importance of the agricultural sector. But most of their policies could not bear...

Research and Development
Transforming Nigeria’s Agricultural Value Chain

Agriculture was the mainstay of Nigeria’s economy before the discovery of crude oil. From 1960 to 1969, the sector accounted for an average of 57.0% of GDP and generated 64.5% of export earnings. From 1970 to late 2000s, the sector’s c...

Research and Development
Reducing the Agricultural Gender Gap in Cote D’Ivoire: How Has it Changed?
Cote d'IvoireAletheia Donald, Gabriel Lawin, Léa Rouanet

Agriculture plays a critical role in economies across Africa: farming provides up to 65% of all jobs on the continent. Women account for half of the agricultural workforce—but a gap between male and female farmers in terms of both output and...

Research and Development
A Comparative Study of the Household Food Access by Farmers in Farmer Field and Life Schools in Gatanga Constituency, Kenya
KenyaKimani AM, Were GM and SK Ndege

Many programs have been initiated to assist farmers diversify food production. The Farmer Field and Life Schools (FFLS), an agricultural extension methodology, is an example. Dietary assessment methods are used for nutrition assessments. This stud...

Research and Development
Rural Livelihood Vulnerabilities, Coping Strategies, and Outcomes: A Case Study in Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia
EthiopiaGetachew Sime

Extensively vulnerable mixed rain-fed farming system is the underlying mainstay of livelihoods of farmers in the central Rift Valley of Ethiopia. This study aimed to assess determinants of farmers’ livelihood vulnerabilities to shocks, their...

Research and Development
Preserving the Coast of West Africa: How Can Your Private Company Help and Benefit? Engaging the Private Sector on Coastal and Marine Preservation
West AfricaWorld Bank

As populations in West Africa grow and migrate to the urban areas of coastal regions, the coastal environments come under increasing threat. The ecological and environmental services offered by the coastal environment are essential to support the...

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