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food safety (95 Results)
Food Safety
South Africa Needs A National Food Security Council To Fend Off Starvation
South AfricaMalabo Montpellier Panel

Decision-making in times of crisis is challenging. In the race to save lives, trade-offs have to be made. The sudden onset of the pandemic, its rapid evolution, and the enormous needs to be addressed may have led to Africa’s leaders failing to consid...

Food Safety
Assessing Food Security Among Young Farmers In Africa.
All CountriesDepartment of Agricultural Economics, University o...

Food insecurity remains a serious challenge for many households in Africa and the situation is even more prevalent among young people. However, there is a dearth of empirical evidence on youth food security status in Africa.

Food Safety
Safety And Quality Of Water Used With Fresh Fruits And Vegetables
All CountriesFAO, WHO

During fresh fruit and vegetables (FFV) production, water is used for a variety of purposes. Even the water was conventionally treated and disinfected, it may still potentially contain human pathogens, albeit at low concentrations. A risk assessment,...

Food Safety
FS-TIP 2021. A Comprehensive Food Systems Diagnostic Approach To Inform Policymaking Toward Sustainable Healthy Diets For All
All CountriesMalabo Montpellier Panel

The initiative Food System Transformative Integrated Policy (FS-TIP) initiative supports African governments that demonstrate robust integrative leadership and capacity the development and implementation of transformative and integrated food systems...

Food Safety
Connecting The Dots: Policy Innovations for Food Systems Transformation in Africa
All CountriesMalabo Montpellier Panel

With a view toward the UN Food Systems Summit from an African perspective, the Malabo Montpellier Panel has identified a set of actions that, if brought to scale, provide for a more holistic and comprehensive framework for policymakers and their advi...

Food Safety
Benin Case study - ADAPT: Policy innovations To Unlock Climate Finance For Resilient Food Systems in Africa
BeninMalabo Montpellier Panel

The Government of Benin has demonstrated political leadership and strong stewardship to tackle the challenges presented by climate change to its economy and food systems. With the agriculture industry extremely vulnerable to climate change and 10% of...

Food Safety
Rwanda : Food Smart Country Diagnostic
RwandaWorld Bank

The term “food smart” refers to a food system that is efficient, meets the food needs of a country, and is environmentally sustainable. Reducing food loss and waste (FLW) is one of the critical pillars of building a smart food system. This diagnostic...

Food Safety
Addressing Food Loss And Waste : A Global Problem With Local Solutions
All CountriesWorld Bank

The report focuses on the role that food loss and waste (FLW) could play in reducing the environmental footprint of food systems while attempting to meet the caloric and nutrient needs of a population expected to increase by 3 billion people in the n...

Food Safety
The Role Of Strategic Grain Reserves In Enhancing Food Security In Zambia And Zimbabwe
ZambiaWorld Bank

Zambia and Zimbabwe have experienced food security emergencies of varying severity, mainly caused by drought and floods in some areas. Like several countries in Africa and elsewhere, the two countries have developed and used Strategic Grain Reserves...

Food Safety
Livestock And Sustainable Food Systems: Status, Trends, And Priority Actions
All CountriesHerrero, M., Mason-D'Croz, D., Thornton, P.K., Fan...

Livestock are a critically important component of the food system, although the sector needs a profound transformation to ensure that it contributes to a rapid transition towards sustainable food systems. This chapter reviews and synthesises the evid...

Food Safety
Monitoring Food Security In Food Crisis Countries With Conflict Situations
All CountriesFAO, WFP

This is the eleventh update of the monitoring food security in food crisis countries with conflict situations, a twice-yearly report on the acute food insecurity situation in countries where conflict and insecurity are primary drivers of acute food...

Food Safety
Kenya: Impacts Of The Ukraine And Global Crises On Poverty And Food Security
KenyaBreisinger Clemens., Diao Xinshen., Dorosh Paul A....

Global food, fuel, and fertilizer prices have risen rapidly in recent months, driven in large part by the fallout from the ongoing war in Ukraine and the sanctions imposed on Russia. Other factors, such as export bans, have also contributed to rising...

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