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Food Safety
Global Food Security Crisis And The Impact Of The War In Ukraine
All CountriesMadhur Gautam, The World Bank, Agriculture and Foo...

Six months later, the war in Ukraine rages on, with devastating effects on the prices of food, fuel and fertilizer. The war has supercharged the longer-term trends driving up poverty and hunger, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change. A sli...

Food Safety
Assessing The Impacts Of The COVID-19 Pandemic On The Livelihoods Of Rural People
All CountriesSitko, N., Knowles M., Viberti, F., Bordi, D.

In this paper we focus specifically on differences in the welfare impacts of COVID-19 on rural livelihoods between countries using nationally representative data that we disaggregate by food system typology. This typology captures key structural diff...

Food Safety
A Blueprint For Strengthening Food System Resilience In West Africa
All CountriesFAO, World Bank, CGIAR, CILSS, ECOWAS, CORAF and C...

This report provides an overview of food system resilience in West Africa, examining three mutually reinforcing and interconnected priority areas for intervention at the region; Strengthening the Sustainability of the Food System’s Productive Base: C...

Food Safety
Strategic Priorities for Food System Strengthening And Transformation: Insights From The NGI Food System Index And Typology
All CountriesNew Growth International

This deck is a deep dive into the methodology behind the Index and Typology, as well as in-depth analysis arising from their application, including a global ranking of food systems, food system performance benchmarks, and examples of food system perf...

Food Safety
Insect And Hydroponic Farming In Africa
All CountriesVerner Dorte, Roos Nanna, Halloran Afton, Surabian...

This book finds that frontier agriculture is a viable complement to conventional agriculture in Africa and could meet many of the continent’s social, economic, environmental, and food security challenges. The book also shows that frontier agriculture...

Food Safety
Thinking About The Future Of Food Safety
All CountriesFAO

In this publication, the FAO Food Safety Foresight programme provides an overview of the major global drivers and trends by describing their implications for food safety in particular and for agrifood systems by extrapolation. The various drivers and...

Food Safety
WFP Annual Review 2021
All CountriesWorld Food Programme (WFP)

The Annual Review reflects on WFP's work in 2021, when global conflict, increasing climate shocks and the continued ripple effects of the COVID-19 pandemic combined to send rates of acute hunger to record highs. In response, we provided lifesaving an...

Food Safety
What Do Traditional Markets Have to Do with Health and Development?
All CountriesEatSafe, Abby Reich

In most low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), traditional markets represent the meeting of supply and demand for local food. They are the primary community locale that combines commerce, nutrition, social interaction, food safety and health. Last...

Food Safety
Safe and Nutritious Food: Fortifying Systems to Deliver at Scale
All CountriesShawn Baker

Approximately two billion people worldwide suffer deficiencies in at least one essential nutrient, and these deficiencies are major contributors to increased mortality, disabilities and impaired cognitive development.

Food Safety
Molecular Survey Of Babesia parasites In Kenya

Among protozoan parasites in the genus Babesia, Babesia bigemina is endemic and widespread in the East African region while the status of the more pathogenic Babesia bovis remains unclear despite the presence of the tick vector, Rhipicephalus micropl...

Food Safety
How Can Inclusive Business Innovations Shape a Resilient Food System?
All CountriesiBAN

Learn how inclusive business innovations can improve food security by reading this 21st edition of the online magazine on Inclusive Business!

Food Safety
Mapping Climate - Agriculture -Gender Inequity Hotspots to Build Resilience
All CountriesAgrilinks

More granular knowledge on women's involvement in agriculture on how their involvement in affected climate stresses is needed to support adaptation responses.

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